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The Kids will love it and so will the neighbours.

This Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike has plenty of power to keep the kids happy but is whisper quiet to keep the neighbours happy too.

Being virtually silent also means you can use it in places where the petrol-powered equivalent would not be allowed.

But being quiet and environmentally friendly are not the only benefits of the fantastic Mini Quad. Having a modern electric motor means there are no hot exhausts for your child to come near so its safer, plus being electric you can just switch it on and go no engine to get started which means children can use it without any help.

Electric powered quads are also easier to maintain which makes them a better choice for people who are looking for a Quad that is simple to use.

Safety come first when it applies to your children or grandchildren and this Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike has a choice of three maximum speed settings that can be selected by the parent.

This is the new Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike, a chain-driven quad bike that has all the power and all the fun!

Compared to their petrol counterparts’ electric quads have all the power without the hassle of mixing fuel, they’re also a lot quieter and there are fewer moving parts so less to go wrong which is a big plus for a lot of customers who may not have that much experience with petrol engines.

The Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike has a steel frame construction with front (double A swing arms) and rear (mono) shocks there are front and rear disc brakes, large wheels and just to add the cherry on top it’s 3 speeds. The Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike is the full package and is perfect for children that are new to quads as well as the more experienced rider.

These Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike are aimed at younger kids where the light weight and nimble handling make them easier and safer to ride. The power and maximum speed can be set by the parent to provide the appropriate amount of power for the riders ability plus the bike will come to a gently halt should the rider let go of the handle bars.Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike

This Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike has been designed with safety in mind and conforms to current EU and CE standards. The safety features include a key-operated parental speed restrictor to slow the quad down to a walking pace if required, allowing the rider’s confidence to grow. Then as the riders proficiency improves simply open speed settings and allows more performance. The bike also has deep safety footwells to protect the riders' legs when in motion.

Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike

Features Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike

  • 1000W 36V Brush Motor
  • Transmission: Chain
  • Frame: Steel
  • Battery: 3 X 12V 12AH Lead Acid Battery
  • Charger Included
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Front Double A Swing Arm Shock
  • Rear Mono Shock
  • Wheels: Front – 4.10-6 Rear – 13×5-6
  • Seat Height: 47cm

Specification Renegade Race-X 1000W 36V Electric Quad bike

  • Assembly Time: 40 minutes
  • Brand: Renegade
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Length: 118 cm
  • Width: 71 cm
  • Number Of Seats: 1
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Top Speed: 30HM/H

Safety Notice
Health and Safety have determined that this type of product is intended for use by 14 years and above. However due to its size and ease of use we are aware that this Mini Moto is very attractive and popular with much younger children and we often get asked if it is suitable for children as young as 6 and under. As the ability and experience of younger children can vary greatly, the use by children under the age of 14 is therefore solely at the discretion of the parents who are in the best position to assess the capability of their child. What we would urge is that whatever the age of the rider that they wear adequate protective gear and the bike should only be used in appropriate places with adult supervision.

Final assembly
To reduce the risk of damage during the delivery and make the bike easier to ship some components may have been removed and packed separately.
A small amount of final assembly is therefore required, such as fitting the front wheel and handlebars (all controls already fitted). The bike should also be checked before first use and then regularly to ensure all the essential bolts and fittings are secure and correctly adjusted. We advise you not to purchase this product unless you have a good understanding of how to use and maintain mechanical products.

None of the bikes we provide are ‘road legal’ and are not for use on the public highway. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mixed reviews good and bad

A mixed review

Price was fair as it had a discount at the time on the 1000w kids quad
Quality of the quad was much better better than I expected, alot of weight and quality to the feel ( for a kids product)
Front and back disks and alot of power for a kids toy enough to pull an adult over a garden with slight hills
So overall happy with the product

Bad points
Box came wet so things inside were damp i.e stickers
Box was damaged with parts that fell out onto the drive when delivered ( everything was there to complete the quad)
Frame on the bottom was damaged in transport
Parts that hadn't painted on the frame
Cracks in the side wall of the tyres

Paid for next day delivery but it came 4 working days later ( orderd Thursday night arrived wed afternoon)

Contacted minioffroad before writing this as I wanted to be fair and see what they would say as the damage was the transports fault but 2 weeks later no reply off them

I'd order off them again if it was cheaper than other places as I atleast know it's going to turn up

But sadly the customer service wasn't up to scratch

Jenna Evans

It came fast I haven’t seen it yet it’s Xmas present but it all looks ok so far

Craig Cairley
Great bike great service.

Team were very helpful. The quad bike delivered quickly and easy to put together. Kids love it. Great fun for everyone.
Good job team.

Carl Leavold

Happy with the quality of the quad overall only issue is that 1 of the rear tyres keeps going down think it's a an issue with the tyre bead not sitting on the rim properly

Off road hub hull
Cracking quads

We purchased 4 of these for our indoor track a they are great! I have purchased some extra batteries as the quads are used all day everyday. So far the only maintenance we have had to do is tighten the chains. Great quads great service! We will be ordering some of the larger quads in the next few weeks for our outdoor tracks.