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Our biggest New Year Sale Now on!

We have had a love of bikes (and engines!) since we were young, from building go karts in the garage and racing them downhill with our two younger brothers, to racing remote control petrol cars around fields and building our own jumps. We’ve also ridden motocross ourselves for many years…. All these years later, not much has changed, we are just a little more grown up!

Becoming a parent made us think… how amazing would it be to provide bikes that are safe, specifically designed for children and that have a little extra speed (which we would have loved being young boys!)

So here we are, a family run business that has already moved into a larger premises during our first year of trading, proving that we are not alone in our theory!

If you’re ever unsure of what bike would be suitable, have any technical questions or simply want us to guide you through the process of finding the right bike- get in contact, we’d be happy to help.

From one bike enthusiast to another – happy shopping!

Sam – Founder, Mini Bikes Off-Road