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SMX 190cc Big Wheel Pit Bike

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2024 SMX190

Forever treating the kids but now it's time to treat yourself! The SMX190 is a weapon! This bike is not intended for first-time riders or beginners! After the huge success of the SMX140 we decided to make one even bigger and even better!

The SMX190 has the zongshen 190cc 5 speed engine fitted with an electric start and backup kick start.

So what's different between the 140cc and the 190cc? The main difference is obviously the engine, with this requires a stronger bike right? So the 190cc has a slightly thicker frame, larger engine mounts and a suspension that can hold up to 17 stone fairly well. The 190 also has a huge oversized oil cooler to ensure top performance is consistent throughout the whole time you ride. 

A huge perk on the SMX190 is the electric start, we have all been there when you are to worn out to try and kick the bike over after you have dropped it. Just hit the button and away it goes.

Here is some spec on the bike

  • Zongshen 190cc 5 speed gearbox 1N2345
  • Electric start and backup kickstart
  • Auto de compressor fitted
  • 19hp! 
  • 17" front wheel and 14" rear wheel
  • 190mm wavy disc brake
  • Oversized CNC oil cooler
  • Anodised gear shifter (looks mint)
  • 28mm carburettor with foam airfilter for increased performance 
  • Snap back brake and clutch levers to prevent snapping when you crash (we have all been there)
  • Anodised gold front forks
  • Adjustable rear shock
  • 428 pitch chain
  • Mx style race can sounds f****** awesome! 
  • 2mm thicker plastics than the 140 to prevent snapping 
  • Easy chain block adjusters and chain runner
  • Optional mount on the frame to convert to a drop linkage

 Please note a running in process will need to be done for a minimum of 1 hours.


Please bear in mind that the SMX 2024 190 Pit Bike is intended exclusively for OFF-ROAD use. It's designed for riders aged 16 and above, and adult supervision is recommended. This machine is not suitable for young children, as its power and capabilities could pose a risk without proper experience and supervision. Additionally, please note that regular mechanical maintenance is essential to ensure peak performance. Changing oil, maintaining proper bolt tension, and regular chain adjustment and lubrication are all crucial to keeping the bike in optimal functional condition.

The SMX 2024 190 Pit Bike comes with a 6-month manufacturer defect warranty that provides you peace of mind, but please be aware that wear and tear items such as Chain + Sprockets, Tyres and Inner Tubes, as well as Crash damage, are not covered by the warranty. Also, considering the high-performance nature of the engine and gearbox, the warranty on these components is limited to 30 days.


Customer Reviews

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Lovely bike

Craig Steenson
190 cc pitbike

Show me my brother to say it to go and buy a pit bike each super shipper fast shipping one they came I built my bike first then I built my brothers, don’t get me wrong these look lovely looking machines I have owned lots of different pit bike but this bike is are we rocket ship I would definitely tell people to buy this bike. Colours are great even came with proper motocross tires no cheap Chinese tires. The only thing I can say that would have made this better would be these two things one. The chain could have been better if it was gold, and if there was and if there was a hr meter fitted bake and ready to go from New, so I went out and bought them two parts just to make it look a wee bit more special plus handguards 10 out of 10 thank you minioffroad . Co. Uk I even put the review in a video on my Facebook of the bike being built, then the sound of it. Thank you very much so Happy 😁 👌💨🔥


Lovely heard yah got speaking to my brother thanks anyways but wonder what about the delivery fee as ur sending them both to the same address