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NOCO Plus GB40 1000A Lithium Jump Starter / Powerbank

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Please note if you have a lithium battery installed:

Some Lithium batteries are not able to be jump started. Some types may just need to be charged with a suitable charger

Check with the battery manufacturer to confirm suitability for jump starting FIRST.

Any lithium battery that is safe to jump start (based on manufacture specs) can be used with Boost.

If the BMS has shut off, the Boost will likely need to be used in manual override to first reset the BMS.

Always check with the battery manufacturer to confirm proper battery operation.


All NoCo NLP batteries CAN be jump started with our NoCo BOOST devices. 

You may still need to use Manual Override due to the BMS as above, but they can be used.


1,000 Amp UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

The GB40 is a portable lithium-ion battery jump starter pack that delivers 1,000-amps (7,000 J3S) for jump starting a dead battery in seconds. It features a patented safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection making safe and easy for anyone to use. It's a powerful battery booster that doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices, like a smartphone, tablet and more. Designed for a car, boat, RV, truck and more with gas engines up to 6 liters, and diesel engines up to 3 liters.

  • A lithium battery jump starter rated at 1,000 Amps (7,000 Joules3S).
  • Spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection.
  • Recharges USB devices, like smartphones, tablets, and more.
  • 100 lumen LED flashlight with multiple modes, including SOS.
  • Jump starts gas engines up to 6 liters, and diesel up to 3 liters.
  • Provides up to 20 jump starts on a single charge.

No Sparks

Every Genius Boost has built-in patented safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity (backwards hook-up) protection making it safe and easy for anyone to use. Thermal protection settings allow Boosts high-current delivering ability to remain safe during stressful applications. NOCOs no-melt and smoke-free clamps are reinforced with all metal construction versus generic clamps' plastic construction.

Boost makes it easy.

How to jump start your car using a lithium jump starter

  1. Attach clamps - Attach both Boost clamps to your vehicle's corresponding battery terminals.
  2. Turn on. - Press Boost's power button once and the charge-level LED lights will chase.
  3. Start vehicle. - With Boost on and attached to the battery, start your vehicle's engine.
  4. Detach And Go. - Leave the car running as you detach the Boost from your battery.

The power of lithium and USB

  • Lasting charge - Let Boost be an afterthought. It holds its charge for up to a year in your glove box, significantly longer than traditional lead-acid jump starters.
  • Easy recharging - Boost comes equipped with a universal USB port, making it simple to recharge - no proprietary connectors are required. Its easy to find cables to charge with, keep Boost charged, and keep you going.
  • Backup power - Boost acts as a portable power source for USB devices, extending the life and running time. The built-in 2.1A USB out port can power all of your USB devices, such as smartphones, GoPro cameras, wireless headphones, and more.

Whats In The Box

  • Heavy-Duty Battery Clamps
  • 12V Car Charger
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Microfiber Storage Bag
  • User Guide & Warranty Information

Technical Specification

  • Starting Current:1,000 Amps (Peak)
  • Joules 3S Rating:7,000 J3S
  • Battery Types:12 Volt Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Internal Battery:24 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion
  • USB Input:2.1 Amps
  • USB Output:2.1 Amps
  • Gas Engine Rating:6.0 Liters
  • Diesel Engine Rating:3.0 Liters
  • LED Flashlight:100 Lumens

How many times will Boost recharge my USB device?

The battery capacity inside of your iPhone, for example, is measured in milliamp-hours, or mAh. Devices that are frequently being used like phones and cameras often require more power capacity to run than the devices battery can store. Boost's battery pack can be used to extend the life and running time of your device. Plus, powering your device from an external battery pack will reduce the internal batterys charge cycles, extending the usable life. The chart below will help explain how many times Boost can recharge your USB device.

Model Powerbeats 2.0 Wireless Apple Watch Series 3 Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless GoPro Heo 5 Jawbone Mini Jambox Apple iPhone 8 Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Apple iPad Mini 4
GB20 51x 19x 9.2x 4.2x 3.3x 1.9x 1.7x 0.9x 1.0x
GB40 51x 19x 9.2x 4.2x 3.3x 1.9x 1.7x 0.9x 1.0x
GB70 96x 34x 17x 7.9x 6.1x 3.6x 3.2x 1.6x 1.9x
GB150 192x 69x 34x 15.7x 12x 7.2x 6.4x 3.2x 3.7x
GB500 576x 206.5x 102.9x 47.2x 36.7x 21.5x 19.2x 9.6x 11.2x

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