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MAXXIS 110/100-18 M7332R 64M TT Maxxcross MX-ST+ Tyre

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The Maxxcross MXST+ is a dual compound championship-winning, race specification motocross tyre designed to deliver the fastest lap times on mid-soft terrain. The offset tread design was the first of its kind, designed to deliver immense traction to the rear wheel right off the gate through to the end of the Moto.

The enhanced lightweight pliable carcase improves ride
comfort, impact absorption and the all-important rider feel.

• Dual Compound tread pattern delivers bite and grip
• Extremely lightweight MX tyre for maximum speed
• Designed for immediate traction off-the-gate
• Incredibly precise front tyre for immense handling and predictability
• Race specific compound
• Tyre sizes available for kids and adults motocross bikes
• Excels in mid-soft terrain
• Championship-winning (MXGP, MXGB and MX Nationals) tyre

Use with RiGa-Gomme Mousses for best results


“After testing the MaxxCross tyre range back to back with
other brands our decision was easily made with the level of grip and trust we had from the tyres, and we are sure to have the edge over our competition.;

Shaun Simpson


Barcode: 4717784519340
Rim Size: 18
Width: 110
Aspect: 100
Load Rate: 64
Pattern: M7332R MX-ST+
Speed Rate: M
Terrain: Soft / Inter Plus
Use: Motocross

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 349 models (yearly).

  • Aprilia: RX 50 Enduro
  • Beta: Rev 50 Enduro Alu, Rev 3 125 Enduro, RR 125 Enduro, RR 50 Enduro Alu, RR 50 Enduro Racing
  • CPI: SMX 50 Supercross, SX 50 Supercross
  • Derbi: Senda 50R
  • Honda: CRF450 L, CRF450 R, CRF450 R2, CRF450 R3, CRF450 R4, CRF450 R5, CRF450 R6, CRF450 R7, CRF450 R8, CRF450 R9, CRF450 RA, CRF450 RB, CRF450 RC, CRF450 RD, CRF450 RE, CRF450 RF, CRF450 RG, CRF450 RH, CRF450 RJ, CRF450 RK, CRF450 RWE, CRF450 RX, CRF450 RXJ, CRF450 X, CRF450 XC
  • Kawasaki: KLX 450R
  • KTM: EXC 250 Enduro, EXCF 250 Enduro
  • Malaguti: XTM 50 Enduro
  • Peugeot: XP6 50 Enduro, XPS 50 Enduro
  • Rieju: Marathon LC 125 Cross, Marathon LC 125 Cross Replica, Marathon LC 125Pro, Marathon LC 125 Pro Cross, Marathon LC 125 Replica Cross, MRT 125 Cross, MRT 125 Freejump Cross, MRT 50 Cross, MRT 50 Cross Lite, MRT 50 Cross Replica, MRT 50 Europa II Cross, MRT 50 Europa III Cross, MRT 50 Freejump Cross, MRT 50 Freejump Super Motard, MRT 50Pro, MRT 50 Pro Cross, MRT 50 Pro Super Motard, MRT 50 Racing, MRT 50 Replica Cross, MRX 50, MRX 50 Castrol, MRX 50 Top Edition, RR 50, RR 50 Cross, RR 50 Spike, RR 50 Sport, RR 50 Sport Edition, RRX 50
  • Suzuki: RMX 250K, RMX 250L, RMX 250M, RMX 250N, RMX 250P, RMX 250R, RMX 250S, RMX 250ST, RMX 250SV, RMX 250SW, RMX 250SX, RMX 450ZL0, RMX 450ZL1, RMX 450ZL2, RMX 450ZL3, RMX 450ZL4, RMX 450ZL5, RMX 450ZL6, RMX 450ZL7, RMX 450ZL8, RMX 450ZL9, RMZ 450K5, RMZ 450K6, RMZ 450K7, RMZ 450K8, RMZ 450K9, RMZ 450L0, RMZ 450L1, RMZ 450L2, RMZ 450L3, RMZ 450L4, RMZ 450L5, RMZ 450L6, RMZ 450L7, RMZ 450L8, RMZ 450L9, RMZ 450M0, RMZ 450M1
  • Yamaha: DT 125R, DT 125RE, DT 125Z, XT 350A, XT 350B, XT 350C, XT 350D, XT 350E, XT 350F, XT 350G, XT 350H, XT 350J, XT 350K, XT 350L, XT 350M, XT 350U, XT 350V, XT 350W, XT 350X, XT 350Y

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