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Top-selling bikes and gear for winter adventure

Winter is the perfect time to kickstart your child's offroading adventures, and we have curated a list of the finest top-selling bikes and essential winter gear to ensure that your little ones have a thrilling yet safe experience. Let's dive in!  

  1. Slam SMX 70 Mini Pit Bike

    The Slam SMX 70 Mini Pit Bike is the perfect winter-ready companion, allowing kids to kickstart their riding journey with ease.

    For budding motocross stars, the Slam SMX 70 Mini Pit Bike is the ideal starting point. Fitted with reliable and performance-based engines, this 70cc bike features a speed restriction for learners to develop their skills. The electric start, lightweight handling, and compact dimensions instill confidence in young riders

     Slam SMX 70 Mini Pit Bike

  2. 10Ten 250RX 250cc Dirt Bike

    Take the winter excitement up a notch with the 10Ten 250RX Dirt Bike, from the UK's fastest-growing dirtbike brand. Housed in a larger Chromoly steel frame, this 250cc bike boasts a 4-stroke engine and premium features like adjustable USD front forks and a gripper seat.

     10Ten 250RX 250cc Dirt Bike

  3. Renegade Ranger 1000w 36v Electric Kids Quad Bike

    For an electric-powered adventure this season, the Renegade Ranger 1000w Electric Quad Bike stands out. With the highest specification components on the market, it offers exceptional value for money. Winter rides become safe and fun, thanks to the easily adjustable speed limiter and fully automatic electric motor

    Renegade Ranger 1000w 36v Electric Kids Quad Bike

  4. KAYO A300 Petrol Quad Bike

    This ATV guarantees adrenaline-charged action on all terrains. The high levels of torque, adjustable suspension, and fuel injection system make it an ideal companion for winter trail rides, providing traction even in challenging winter conditions.


  5. 50cc Mini Dirt Bike KXD01 PRO - Upgraded Version

    Upgraded and enhanced for unbeatable value, this bike is a game-changer for young riders stepping into off-road excitement this season. Designed with precision to European safety standards and features safety-focused enhancements.

     50cc Mini Dirt Bike KXD01 PRO

Essential Winter Safety Gear

From motocross helmets designed for precision to armoured jackets offering total upper-body protection, here are some must-have safety gear to equip your kids before they hit the trails.

  1. Junior MX PRO Motocross Helmet

    Ensure your child's safety with the WulfSport Cub Junior MX PRO Motocross Helmet, meeting UK road legal standards. With a new design, ACU Gold approval, and a multi-point venting system, this helmet offers top-tier protection for winter rides.

     Junior MX PRO Motocross Helmet

  2. Full Deflector Armoured Jacket

    Offering total upper body protection, the WulfSport Cub Full Deflector Armoured Jacket is CE-approved, which means it offers excellent quality and will keep your whole upper body protected, making it ideal for your children’s winter adventures.

    Full Deflector Armoured Jacket

  3. Kid’s Riding Goggles

    Experience clear vision with the Wulfsport Cub Abstract junior goggles set, designed for all junior helmet sizes. Anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses ensure consistent visibility during winter rides.

     Kid’s Riding Goggles

  4. Wulfsport STRATOS MX Gloves

    Keep your child's hands warm and in control with the Wulfsport STRATOS MX Children's Motocross Gloves. Featuring non-slip Amara palms, silicon finger strips, and flexible knuckle guards, these gloves are perfect for winter off-road excursions.

     Wulfsport STRATOS MX Gloves

  5. Racing Suit Overalls

    The Wulfsport One Piece Kids Racing Suit ensures durability with 100% Cordura high-tenacity fibre technology. With a comfortable fit, ribbed cuffs, and a fun new season camo design, this suit is perfect for winter trail rides, providing both warmth and style.

    Racing Suit Overalls

Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced rider, these selections cater to all ages and skill levels, ensuring thrilling yet safe outdoor adventures this winter season. Visit our store today for more winter-ready dirt bikes, pit bikes and quad bikes!


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