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Your complete guide to different types of ATVs that rule off-road

The world of ATV can be full of surprises. If you are familiar with only one or two types of ATV, get ready to be awe-struck. These four-wheelers are conquering rugged terrain and bringing plenty of people outdoorsy adventure. Learning about different types of ATVs helps you make a better decision about what you need and want.

What is an ATV?

An ATV is a four-wheeled vehicle with low-pressure, all-terrain tyres. It has a high ground clearance and robust suspension to tackle rugged terrain. It can travel over rough ground, drive through deep mud and water, and climb rocky hillsides. You can use it to haul and tow heavy loads over tough terrain.

Different types of ATVs

ATVs can work hard and play hard. Not all ATVs are similar, and some are designed for;

  • Farm work and forestry work
  • Recreational Trail Riding
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • General utility
  • Mini ATVs for kids

There are electric ATVs and petrol ATVs to choose from as well.

Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs have engines ranging from 800cc to over 1,000cc. They are powerful enough to navigate various terrains but not fast or agile enough to be a sport ATV. They are used for heavy work, such as hauling cargo, ploughing fields, or snow clearing. Farmers use them to carry goods and animal feed across the land. The engine size determines how much load you can haul and how rough the terrain you want to tackle. A bigger engine has high performance and can do heavy-duty work easily. These have a shorter suspension.

Side by Side ATVs

Sometimes referred to as SxS, they are the biggest ATVs available. These vehicles are lightweight, have outstanding suspension and a short wheel-base. They function like heavy-duty golf carts. They are called side-by-sides because of their two front seats and sometimes two back seats. These have a steering wheel, foot pedals, seat belts, and a roll bar. Side by Side ATVs have reinforcements to conquer off-road terrain. You can spot these in the snow, desert, and dunes. Fire and rescue units and even the military use these.

Sports ATVs

Sport ATVs are the most common sight when it comes to ATVs. They are built for speeding, sliding, and swerving. These have engines ranging from 250cc to 700cc. Sport quads are lightweight, faster, and handles jumps, bumps, and turns. They can be modified in many ways to enhance performance. They have heaps of suspension and responsive engines. These have race-proven power and can compete in events.

Children’s ATV

ATVs are not just for adults. Kids ATVs or Youth ATVs are designed for younger riders who are just beginners. They usually start from 50cc engines and go up to 125cc. These have little to no suspension, lower power, and automatic transmission, or no gears.

Choosing the right ATV

If speed is your need and you have quad racing ambitions, look no further than Sport ATVs. When it comes to working on the farm, the Utility ATV is the workhorse you need. When you want some quiet rambling that doesn’t bother neighbours, go for an electric ATV. They run on batteries and make little to no noise. Using them on farms is also beneficial as they do not startle animals with a loud noise. When you want to drive an ATV rather than ride, the SxS is the best.

The all-terrain vehicle is stunningly versatile and opens up a world of off-road adventures for you and your friends. Buy the best ATVs in the UK from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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