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What the impact of outdoor sports on childhood development show us

Outdoor play has positive impacts on childhood development, as backed by scientific research. Childhood experiences change with societal change, and more and more children are now disconnected from nature. It hampers children’s social skills and stifles their physical and emotional wellbeing. A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy and has lasting negative consequences. The impact of outdoor sports on childhood development is well documented, and we want to encourage parents to explore its benefits for their children.

Physical benefits

As much as we need to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun, our bodies need the sun. Exposure to vitamin D plays a vital role in a range of body processes, from bone development to the workings of the immune system. Sunshine regulates our sleep and mood functions by helping us sleep better and making us happier. Lack of vitamin D can cause Rickets too.

Physical activity can lower the risk of childhood obesity and unhealthy weight gain, helping children maintain a healthy BMI. Sweating opens skin pores, flushing out toxins and impurities. It boosts the immune system.

Studies have shown that one of the benefits of outdoor play is a lower risk of myopia. Clean air purifies lungs, and spending time outdoors allows them to get lots of it.

Develop Motor Skills

Running, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing, and riding bikes improve their physical coordination, leading to better motor skill development.

Learning Experiences

The natural environment is one of the best places to have new experiences. Encouraging young children to play outdoors can be challenging. Outdoor play equipment like bikes, scooters, and surfboards are incentives. These also allow them to learn new skills, enhance concentration, and explore their natural skill levels. What was once a pastime can become a celebrated career in the future. When children play outdoors, they learn to take risks and become more confident in their abilities. Climbing trees or jumping over a stream in a dirt bike is a new level of bravery they will thrive on. They also learn problem-solving techniques, which are invaluable to a child’s development.

Improve communication skills

Children who spend more time in the outdoor space develop improved communication skills.  It becomes easier for them to form healthier relationships as they are more amicable to talk to and play with.

Social Skills

Outdoor activities lead to the development of social skills. When children play with their peers, they learn to make friends, work together, share, cooperate, and treat each other respectfully. Structured settings like the school or playground cannot hone these skills in children as freely as the natural environment.

Connect with the environment

Physical play in the natural setting allows children to appreciate nature. They learn about nature, the earth, rock, stones, waterways, and the animals in the natural habitat. If a child spends much of their day indoors surrounded by man-made objects and controlled environments, you cannot expect them to know what the outside world is really like. The connection they form with nature helps them to be more responsible towards it.

How to encourage kids to get into outdoor sports?

Learn what they are passionate about. Most children have a sport or physical activity they love. If they like cycling, buy them a bicycle. If they love mini moto, buy them a dirt bike or a quad bike. Some like thrill sports, and others like gentler sports like swimming, tennis, or basketball.  Encourage them to find an activity they might be good at. Get involved in their pursuits and help them learn, train, and be safe.

What are the best outdoor sports for kids?

Cycling is one of the best sports as it also encourages them to use it as a mode of transport. If you live nearby a skating rink, a pair of skates will go a long way in keeping them occupied. Football is a sport most kids love playing. Dirt biking and quad biking are popular sports with their own appeal to youngsters.

The benefits of playing outdoors are countless, and children learn various skills that help them with healthy development. Buy the latest and safest dirt bikes, quad bikes, scooters, and e-bikes at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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