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Top 5 must-have quad bikes for winter adventure seekers

Quad biking offers a fantastic way for kids to embrace the snowy landscapes and experience the thrill of off-road exploration. For parents seeking the perfect quad bike to ignite their children's sense of adventure, we've curated a list of the top 5 must-have quad bikes.

Let’s dive in!

Renegade Ranger 1000w 36v Electric Kids Quad Bike


Perfect for young adventurers, the Renegade Ranger 1000w offers exceptional value for those starting their quad biking journey. Its adjustable speed limiter ensures safety with options for slow, medium, or fast speeds, making it ideal for kids learning to ride. Its fully automatic electric motor ensures a noise-free experience, allowing for uninterrupted winter fun.

KAYO E-BULL 1000w 48v

The Kayo E-BULL is equipped with a high-performance brushless motor and an advanced speed controller. Delivers unmatched performance and agility. Its near-silent operation ensures you can explore winter trails without disturbing your surroundings, while the absence of fuel and oil changes makes maintenance a breeze!

Stomp ACDC Electric ATV

This ATV includes a parental speed control switch and a cable-operated disc brake, which ensures a secure yet thrilling ride for young riders. Its robust construction and reliable performance, make it the perfect choice for winter adventures in icy terrain, providing peace of mind for parents and endless fun for kids.

70cc Automatic VRX70 Quad Bike

For young riders seeking reliability and ease of use, the 70cc Automatic VRX70 Quad Bike is the go-to choice. Featuring a fully automatic gearbox and an adjustable speed limiter, it offers a smooth and safe riding experience for kids ready to explore the outdoors during winter. With its low-noise, four-stroke engine and accessible handlebar controls, this quad bike ensures hours of fun and adventure.

10TEN 110 RXR Kids Quad Bike

Designed for junior riding enthusiasts, the 10TEN 110 RXR Quad Bike includes a powerful YX110 engine and automatic transmission with reverse. Equipped with LED lights, triple-disc brakes, and a safety lanyard, it prioritises both excitement and safety. With its sturdy steel frame and adjustable suspension, it handles winter trails with ease.

Whether it is riding through snowy tracks or exploring new trails, these quad bikes will bring your kids endless fun, joy and cherished memories. At Mini bikes off-road, we bring you a wide selection of durable and sturdy quad bikes to suit all ages and skill levels, from the best manufacturers in the UK. Browse the full collection here.

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