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The reliably best places to ride my quad bike in the UK

The ATV experience in the best places to ride my quad bike legally

Zipping around in a quad bike is a high-adrenaline riding experience for thrill-seekers of all ages. However, remember quad biking isn't for everywhere. After all, all that fun should not suddenly end with you getting into trouble for trespassing or riding around in places prohibited for such activities. If you are wondering right now, thinking, “What are the best places to ride my quad bike?” we got you covered. There are rules when it comes to ATVs, and learning about them beforehand helps you to plan out your off-road adventures.

Dedicated ground

There are purpose-built tracks and locations for quad biking all around the UK. These have forest areas, open fields, hills, ditches, huge puddles, mud tracks, inclines, and declines. Some offer instructors and safety equipment. If you are a quad racer, you can find practice tracks designed for speeds that push the limit.

Your garden

Quad bikes can go on all terrains and do not have to be necessarily rough. If you have a big enough garden, it is the best place to ride without a care in the world. It is also a good place for children to start learning quad riding. If your garden isn’t big enough, you can always ask a friend who has one to join in on the fun. You cannot ride quads on council estates, car parks, parks, public bridleways, restricted byways, open access/common land, or footpaths. You can ride on roads classified as Public Right of Ways or byways. These are also called Green lanes, Byway Open To All Traffic, Unclassified County roads, White roads, or G roads.

Petrol quads make a noise so the garden cannot be too close to neighbouring houses. If you want a quieter riding experience, opt for an electric quad.

In a forest

Unless it is a privately-owned forest, quad biking is not allowed on Forestry England ground. However, you can use your quad bike for forestry work after registering it as a light agricultural vehicle. Quads can pull logs, firewood, and forestry equipment. You should respect these laws, which are in place to protect wildlife from undue disturbance.

On holiday

There are plenty of opportunities to ride a quad on holiday here and abroad. In the UK, you can find campsites with on-site quad biking. Popular tourist destinations like Devon, Dorset, Wales, Scotland, and Truro have quad biking locations. Association of British Travel Agents and other responsible bodies recommend holidaymakers only use quad bikes off-road on excursions booked through reputable agencies. If you are staying on a farm for the holidays, make sure to ask permission from owners before riding a quad on the premises.

Can I take my quad on public roads?

Yes, only if your quad is road-legal. The bike should meet road safety standards and must have approval for road use. A road-worthy quad has to have registration and number plates at the front and back. If the bike is more than 3 years old, it needs a valid MOT certificate too. The rider must have a car licence or a category B1 licence. The quad should have third-party insurance. You cannot carry passengers on quads not designed for the purpose. If you are riding at night on a public road, the quad bike should have lights and reflectors.

Before enjoying the thrills of the quad experience, make sure you are wearing safety gear, especially a crash helmet. While quad biking is an exciting activity, do not forget to be responsible at the same time. Therefore, only ride in places that will not cause a nuisance to others.

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