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Raising champs with the gear to match by choosing dirt bikes for ages 4-8

Are you seeing a wild streak in your young one's eyes? It is perfectly fine for your child to be a little braveheart. Dirt bikes are not just for big kids. They are also made for younger kids who want to start riding as early as possible. Choosing dirt bikes for ages 4-8 will help you steer clear of bikes designed for older kids that can be cumbersome and unsafe for juniors. So, let's find out choices for kids who are just beginning their passion for dirt riding. While some kids are happy with a toy car, others want a lot more excitement.

Type of dirt bike

Electric or petrol

While both have their own features that can make strong arguments for each one's superiority, electric dirt bikes make good options for young riders. Electric bikes do not heat up like petrol bikes, and there are no oil spills or grime to deal with. These bikes are also easier to maintain due to fewer internal moving parts. An electric dirt bike has a better torquey, a more forgiving throttle, and no motor warm-up time. These bikes are also much quieter with just a slight hum from the spinning electric motor, making them much more residential friendly. Kids can practice all they like in the backyard or in the lane without irritating neighbours.

However, we should not forget that petrol-powered kids' dirt bikes give you better mileage and take all the rough action without damage. And if your child loves the rumbling sound of the petrol dirt bike, you can compromise and let them start on an electric one and switch to petrol when they are 6 or 8.


The seat height makes all the difference when choosing a dirt bike for your child. Proper seat height ensures they have a comfortable grip on the controls and they are not straining or twisting their body to control the bike.

The recommended seat height for 3-6year olds is 18-21 inches (45-53cm) and 6-8year olds 21-24 inches (53-61cm). Usually, the average seta height of a 50cc dirt bike is 21.5″ (55cm).

Some kids are taller for their age, and some are shorter. Therefore, it is important to consider their height as well. If your child has a longer than average inseam (long legs in proportion to the upper body length), then they would probably fit better on a taller bike than what's on the chart. When they are on the seat, the balls of their feet should touch the ground.

Engine capacity

50cc is the smallest engine size available for petrol-powered dirt bikes. This is a perfect size for kids aged 4-8. Most bikes of this engine range have a single-speed transmission and a throttle adjuster to restrict speed. 500w motor or 36V battery-powered engine is its electric equivalence.

Easy to control

The automatic transmission allows your child to ride with minimum effort. The smooth gear shifting capability of automatic transmission offers a more agile and stable ride. Chain drive transmission, electric start, and manual pull-start are features that make dirt bikes much easier to control. Kick start-only bikes can be a little hard on the kids. Electric start and the start button on an electric dirt bike can also remove a lot of manual effort in getting the bike started. 4-stroke engines can perform well even on lower revs, and the bikes are easier to ride. 2-stroke engine bikes, on the other hand, are lighter, faster, and have a powerful thrust from the engine. They are easier to manoeuvre around but harder to control.

Safety features

Safety Cut-Out tether, speed restrictors, kill switch, adjustable handlebars, air-cooling, and lithium-ion batteries are safety features to look for in a kids' bike.

Training and experience

Kids need proper training before they can ride around freely on a dirt bike. They need to learn to use the start button/ignition, the gear shifter, throttle, and brakes. Training wheels can become counter-productive as kids might become reluctant to ride without them adding anxiety as they do.  

Buying from a reputed seller

Beginner dirt bikes should be chosen from a trusted seller who can offer you a variety of choices. From build material to the latest safety features, these bikes must excel in quality. Make sure to check the seller's website to understand their services and the level of customer satisfaction. 

Choosing a dirt bike for your young moto enthusiast should be a well-rounded affair. The bike proportions should be compatible with their size. They should be able to enjoy themselves as well as stay safe. Find a selection of mini dirt bikes, electric and petrol-powered, at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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