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Kids’ electric car benefits for a child that promote positive cognition

Every young child forms an attachment to particular objects and activities from an early age, be it cars, trucks, planes, dolls, trains, plushies, or tea sets. This fascination can sometimes border obsession, and parents are often baffled by how it came to be. Scientists call this attraction Extremely Intense Interests (EIIs). Electric cars dominate the toy world for a reason. Most kids dream of driving one in real life, and until they are old enough, these simulate the real thing. Kids’ electric car benefits for a child are more than just indulging a childhood fascination. It empowers kids in lots of ways.

Benefits of a kids’ electric car for your child

Early childhood development

An extensive literature on the interrelations between children's interests and intelligence, learning, attention, conceptual development, and expertise exists (Krapp, 2002; Renninger, 1992; Renninger, Hidi, & Krapp, 1992; Renninger & Wozniak, 1985). Kids seek sensory engagement through toys and real-life objects. They learn by absorbing everything through their senses — sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Objects like cars are sensorily engaging. A ride-on electric car promotes the development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills utilise the large muscles in the body to balance, coordinate, and enable reaction time. Fine motor skills use smaller muscles for grasping, object manipulation, and hand-eye coordination. Steering, stopping at objects, pressing buttons, reversing, turning left or right, and using foot pedals enhance motor skills and cognitive skills. They learn to pay attention, analyse, and remember. These toys also increase children's spatial awareness, as they learn how to ride around without knocking things over or bumping into things.

Encourages outdoor activities

Digital distractions such as iPads, phones, and video games dominate the indoors. Offering kids a better distraction outside reduces screen time. Electric ride-on cars help kids play outdoors where there is more space and ground to cover. They get fresh air, vitamin D, and the opportunity to familiarise themselves with natural surroundings. Outdoor activities encourage other physical activities like running, walking, and playing in the backyard.

Stimulates imagination

In the child's mind, an electric car for kids very much resembles the real thing, and they would want to imitate the same activities involving a real car. These may include stops at traffic lights, giving a friend a lift, filling up at the petrol station, driving around traffic cones, outracing other toy cars, conversing with traffic police, and plenty more role play. Imaginative play is important for a child's creativity to flourish.

Develops socialisation skills

Ride-on toys allow kids to play with other kids with similar interests in the neighbourhood and the park. Going outside increases interactions with other kids. Siblings learn to share, negotiate, and compete. They will want to show off their toy to guests who come over to the house, too, prompting kids to interact with people with more confidence.

Learn the rules of the road

Cars for kids are a good way to instill in children the rules of the road. You could incorporate make-believe scenarios to teach them about traffic lights, road signs, seat belts, pedestrian crossing, pavements, and parking offences. They will learn about flashing the correct lights, looking in the mirrors, and making adjustments to fit the ride. The parental remote control helps keep your kids safe by giving you control over the vehicle. It can be used to keep them driving at acceptable speeds and slow down when necessary. Teaching kids to develop a sense of responsibility as a driver helps them learn to be considerate. 

Ride on cars can be the beginning of a lifelong motoring passion or a sporting passion. Toys that do not disappoint help kids discover their strengths. Buy quality-built high-performing RC cars with tested safety features from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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