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How picking the best oil for dirt bike riding makes a difference

Not all dirt put the spin of wheels on seventh heaven. Some dirt is superior to others, and it is all in the soil. Maybe you have never even thought of it, or the thought has crossed your mind more than once, but dirt bikes perform better on some soils than others. The best soil for dirt bike riding has a scientific basis. Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science; it’s very down-to-earth stuff.

Types of soil

Whether it is a Motocross track, backyard track, or off-road track, soil everywhere is not the same. It differs from location to location and county to county. The kind of dirt you spin your rubber on decides how rough and tough it's going to be. 

Loamy Soil

We are putting the best at the top. Loamy soil is fertile, and the more of it you have in your garden, the more your garden will grow. It is a composition of clay, sand, and silt, the magic combo that makes the perfect riding conditions. This soil is capable of grip, excellent drainage, and soft landing, making it a favourite for dirt bike tracks.

Sandy soil

It is the Marmite of dirt bike soils. Some riders love it; others hate it. It is grindingly slow, and you need a different set of tyres to speed things up. Although sand would naturally offer a whole lot of traction, sandy soil speaks a different language to dirt bikes. It can get slippery, and the throttle needs to remain rolled if you don't want to fall.

Clay soil

Without knobby tyres, you won't get much traction on this soil. It starts out as hard play-doh but gets more compact as you ride on it. When the clay gets packed down and dried, blue groove pliancy takes over.

Silty soil

It is the type of soil you find in riverbeds and lakes. It has a silky texture when wet but becomes finer than sand when dry. It is good dirt to ride on if you can find the right balance of wet and dry. Too much water truck and you get mud; not enough and you get dust. Silt soil is used on Motocross tracks but not on its own. The silt can balance out a heavily clayed track.

Peaty soil

When combined with other thicker soil, such as clay, peaty soil can become a good surface for dirt bikes.

Saline soil

It is salty soil. Saline soil is identified by the white coating on top of dry soil. It is used to reinvigorate hardpack soils on often-used tracks. The sodium content is reduced by mixing it with other soil. You can get a good ride on a saline track when fresh soil is added.

Chalky soil

It is the type of dirt you find in your backyard. Motocross tracks use it extensively. It has to be kept watered to hold the dust down and traction consistent as it dries quickly.

Importance of good soil for the dirt bike

The kind of soil you ride on not only affects the riding but also the bike. Heavy riding on hardpack clay is rough on the tyres and can rattle the rider. A sawdust-laid track kicks up dust into your bike’s filter, increasing filter changes. Loam, on the other hand, has excellent natural consistency and a low impact on bikes.

Best places with good soil in the UK

Farleigh Castle, one of the oldest dirt bike circuits in the world in the Somerset village of Farleigh Hungerford, has loamy dirt. As the circuit is left alone for most of the year, the grass is left to grow, setting the soil for some of the best riding conditions when it is time to rip it up.

Mildenhall MX, just over the Norfolk/Suffolk border, has a light sand track great for spinning laps in softer conditions.

Apex Motocross in Midlands has a woodchip track. It means that the track can handle most weather conditions.

Arncott in Oxfordshire is an exciting modern track built with fresh soil and wood chippings. It rides well in all weather conditions.

The main track of Preston Docks MX is one of the UK’s British Championship tracks and has deep loamy berms, rhythm sections, split sections, and tabletops. Hawkstone Park, Canada Heights track, Mepal MX Track, and FatCat Motoparc all have challenging sand tracks for pro riders. Matterley Basin has one of the best hard-pack soil tracks.

The type of soil you choose to ride on makes a difference. It can affect your performance as well as the bike. All dirt bike riders dream of taking on every soil and dirt type. And the right kind of bike helps this endeavour greatly. Buy the best dirt bikes in the UK at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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