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How fast is a 50cc dirt bike, and why it is the most touted engine size?

How fast is too fast on the dirt bike frontier? While all bikes seem like they are whizzing through the air, not all of them can go fast as they like. There's a reason why the 50cc bike is the one you start on and should. It is typically the smallest engine size on the market. Recommended for beginners, it is natural for parents to ask how fast is a 50cc dirt bike? So, we are addressing all your concerns about the most reasonable dirt bike engine even young kids are taking on as their first rides.

What is a dirt bike?

A dirt bike is an off-road motorcycle built for riding on rough, unpaved terrain. They have rugged tyres and suspensions and come with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Most dirt bikes have a strong front fork and rear wheel suspension shocks designed for jumps. There are 8 types of dirt bikes to choose from - Motocross, Trail, Enduro, Dual Sport, Flat Track, Trials, Hillclimb, and Supermoto.

What determines how fast a dirt bike can go?

Engine Type - The larger the engine, the faster the speeds the bike can reach. A 50cc dirt bike can reach a maximum speed of 60mph, or in some bikes, 40mph. 2-stroke engines are generally much faster and lighter than 4-stroke engines, making them ideal for racing. A 4-stroke dirt bike has a broader power band and fewer gear shifts, making the handling easier for new riders.

Gearing - Sprocket gearing also determines the top speed. A smaller rear sprocket gives you a higher top speed. A larger rear sprocket gears the bike down, resulting in a lower top speed.

Transmission - Manual transmission offers faster acceleration than automatic transmission. However, an automatic transmission is much safer for beginners.

What is the ideal speed for a beginner?

25mph or 35mph are manageable speeds for young kids. Although a 50cc bike has a decent maximum speed, kids can safely ride lower speeds with speed restrictors putting a limit to how fast they can go. Kids who do not know how to switch to the third gear will be blissfully ignorant of the top speed. Throttle limiters can also help keep the speed down.

Can you limit the speed of a dirt bike?

Yes, you can. There are several speed limiters

Kill Switch

Invest in a Kill Switch. It shuts down the bike engine the quickest way possible in an emergency. It operates the same way an ignition key does but is more accessible due to its location on the handlebars. The kill switch cuts the power to the engine, so the bike loses momentum slowly until it comes to a stop. Stopping the bike using the kill switch will leave the battery on, so it needs to be turned off at ignition to stop the battery from draining.

Throttle limiter

A throttle limiter restricts power delivery over a specific speed by shortening the throttle turning radius. It offers a more linear power delivery in 2-stroke engine dirt bikes, making acceleration smooth on bumpy trails. Some 50cc trail bikes come with a throttle limiter, while it can be fixed to motocross bikes as a safety feature.

How to increase the speed of a dirt bike

  • Cleaning the exhaust pipe and muffler to get rid of carbon buildup increases the motor function.
  • Replace bike oil with 100% synthetic bike oil. It is better suited for cooling and lubrication than commonly-used oils.
  • Use higher-octane gasoline.
  • Swap the stock spark plugs with V-notch spark plugs.
  • Drilling a few small and precise holes in the air intake box increases the airflow in the system.

The world of dirt bikes is all about power and performance. But you can't gain entry to it on massive horsepower. The 50cc bike is one of the most versatile and safe dirt bikes out there that help beginners master the dirt trails and tracks. Buy a wide range of 50cc mini dirt bikes at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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