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Bike helmets kids buying guide every parent should read

Why does your kid need a dirt bike helmet?

Researchers say even kids on tricycles should wear helmets, so it is no surprise if helmets are crucial for dirt biking. Bike helmets prevent pediatric head injury up to 85%. Whether your child is a Motocross champion or off-road riding enthusiast, the helmet is the single most important safety gear. High speeds, close riding, and flying jumps in the moto arena mean you need to pay extra attention to detail when choosing a helmet. Our bike helmets kids buying guide takes you into the technology that offers maximum protection.

How to choose a bike helmet for kids?

You might think a beginner just learning to ride a bike does not need an advanced helmet, but they do because their confidence and skill levels are not matured, and they are more likely to fall off a lot. So spend more than the lowest price range and less than the ultra-high-end. A kids’ bike helmet should adhere to UK safety standards. ECE Certification is Europe's most recognised helmet certification.

All helmets sold in the UK should qualify for one or more of the below standards;

  • British Standard BS 6658:1985 with BSI Kitemark
  • UNECE Regulation 22.05
  • European Economic Area accepted standard that offers safety levels and protection equal to BS 6658:1985 with a badge of equal status to BSI Kitemark

ACU-run off-road events in the UK require a Silver or Gold ACU sticker on the helmet to enter.

These bike helmets are designed and rigorously tested against injury and skull fracture. Look for hard-shell helmets made from poly-carbonate, poly-alloy, and poly-carbon compositions. Dirt bike helmets can feel very enclosed, and you do not want to add to that with a heavy helmet. Choose something lightweight but sturdy.

The helmet liner should be Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which compresses during an impact lowering the deceleration force on the brain. Harder EPS works well with higher-speed impacts, and softer linings suit lower impact speeds. When the EPS liner compresses during an impact, it won’t re-expand, which is why you should discard helmets after impacts.

MIPS helmets with a specialised fit system provide additional protection aimed at reducing rotational forces responsible for moving the brain inside the skull in an impact, a factor that results in concussions. It does this by allowing the outer shell to slide a few millimeters across the skull on impact.

Helmets for kids should have sufficient air vents and exhaust ports for proper air circulation around the head and chin. If not, it gets hot inside the helmet and increases tightness.

Helmets come in a range of head sizes, and for a good fit, you need to measure your child’s head circumference. Wrap a tape measure around their head about half an inch above the eyebrows and ears and around the back of the head to measure the circumference. Motosport style helmets have visors,  and these need to be shatter-proof to protect your child from high-energy projectiles.

Cycle helmets and mountain bike helmets have a chin strap. The chin strap has front and back straps that should form a V around the ears, and you can fine-tune it using the retention system. As you open your mouth wide, the helmet should press against the top of your head. Some of these helmets also come with LED lights and reflective details for nighttime riding. 

What is the best brand of dirt bike helmets?

Our experience with dirt bike helmets and their safety has put these brands on top of the most reliable list.

  • Wulfsport
  • Stealth
  • Shot
  • Just1
  • GSB

Why you should buy from Mini Bikes Off Road?

When it comes to motocross clothing and safety gear, we only trust manufacturers who adhere to recommended safety standards in stringent quality control measures. We do not take chances with safety, and we always check for ECE 22.05 certified and ACU Gold-approved helmets when we affiliate with a brand.

A crash helmet can save your child’s life. So invest in one that offers the best protection. For more information on dirt bike helmets and kids dirt bikes, call Mini Bikes Off Road.

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