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Benefits of electric bikes that make you want to cycle

The discerning buyer’s guide to the benefits of electric bikes

The time of the e-bike is here. For the earth-conscious time we live in and our road rage-inducing daily commutes, there is no better solution superior to the electric bike. It is future-proof, revolutionary, and is already redefining the good old cycling we know and love. Europe is fastly becoming pro-pedelec. E-bike sales in Europe will increase by an extra 10 million bikes per year by 2030. The 30 million per year total will see bike sales surge to more than twice the number of passenger cars currently registered per year in the EU. So, what are the benefits of electric bikes that make them so appealing? Let’s start with the obvious one first.


For a machine that can clock speeds up to 30mph, it is the most eco-friendly mode of transportation on the road. It generates considerably reduced carbon emission than a petrol car and zero air pollution. Its non-dependency on fossil fuel means there is dependable sustainability. Every time you use your e-bike, you are contributing to better air and sound quality.

Health and Keeping Active

Unlike regular bikes, e-bikes can take you long distances without too much physical exertion, which means they can become your default ride for everyday purposes. You can cycle to the shops, work, or to the outskirts easily whenever you like, no matter how fit you feel. Their versatility and functionality encourage you to use them regularly. Pedal-assist allows you to choose how much you want to exert yourself. So, when you feel like a workout, you can tackle uphill rides without boosting the motor. Depending on your fitness, you can modulate between low intensity to medium.

Studies have shown that e-bike users get as much physical activity as conventional bike riders, with the lower exertion often factored out by more miles covered. It helps older and less-fit people commute better, stay active, and join family cycling outings. The electric oomph makes uphill rides a mere breeze for anyone. Cycling is also a life-enhancing fresh air exercise.

It can also replace the mountain bike and tackle steeper terrains, especially if you are an older mountain bike enthusiast looking for less strenuous cycling.

Fast and Flexible

In the UK, e-bikes can travel as fast as 15.5mph, the legal road limit. You can cover impressive distances with that speed without breaking a sweat. Electric city bikes are ideal to avoid traffic and get around more efficiently. These are much easier to park, and you no longer have to wait for the bus or a cab when you are in a hurry. A full charge on a detachable battery only takes 6hrs.

Cut back expenses

You can cover up to 100 miles on a single charge. Using an e-bike for daily commute instead of a car cut petrol costs, car tax, insurance, and maintenance costs. Electric bikes are also much cheaper than most people imagine.  

They are the future of transportation

With speed pedelecs gaining popularity and becoming legal across Europe, we are looking at a future that will replace motor vehicles to a considerable extent. Manufacturers are incorporating designs that can accommodate modern daily tasks that will lead to widespread use. Amongst it all, nature-friendliness will push electric bicycles to become the next-gen road vehicles very soon.

How to maintain your electric bike

  • Clean the bike before it gathers dust and dirt – these can get in the electric components causing damage.
  • Charge the battery before it drains completely. However, make sure you only charge it when there isn’t adequate charge left to complete the journey.
  • Always store the battery in a cupboard without leaving it exposed to extreme cold or heat.
  • Check tyre pressure to avoid punctures.
  • Use lube and grease to prevent friction between moving parts.

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