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All the different types of ATVs you wish you had in your garage

No other vehicle can do rugged the way ATVs can – mud, rock, grass, sand, snow, ice, and all the dirt tracks through the woods and up & down the hills. They make the unconquerable child’s play. From farming to freewheeling, there’s a quad bike for all things outdoors. While most of us probably associate the term 'quad bike' with the sporting kind, there's a variety that offers power and utility in more than one way. Let us give you a tour of the different types of ATVs that take our work and play to another level.

Utility ATVs

These are workhorses with powerful engines to haul loads and plough. Although powerful enough to take on heavy workloads, they are not as fast or agile as sport ATVs. Utility ATVs have a short travel suspension, high torque, a big motor, and accessories to increase towing and storage capacity. Some models can fit two people. If you are a forester working on treacherous terrains and need to haul timber and camping gear, you might want the biggest engine size in this category with expanded cargo space. However, if you are just transporting cattle feed or getting from one end of the farm to another to mend a broken fence, you might not need a high-end model.

Sport ATVs

Hey! We all know this one. It is the thrill-seeker's toy. Sports ATVs have long travel suspension, faster speed, narrower body, rear-wheel drive, and lightweight frames to handle the jumps, bumps, and swerves on the tracks and off-road rough terrain. Whether it is muddy trails, creek crossings, sand dunes, or desert trails, these high-speed machines are built with fast-responding engines to match Motocross speeds and changing landscapes. Sport quads are high-performance ATVs used mainly for recreational use, but they can also double as farm quads, depending on your needs. A virtually silent electric sport quad can be used by forest rangers, as well.

Side-by-side (UTV)

A side-by-side (SxS) is the size and shape of a golf cart and can match the power of the sport ATV, except their motors are even more powerful. However, they are not as nimble as a sports quad. These ATVs are designed to carry passengers and cargo. Their suspension equals that of a powerful sport ATV, and the short wheelbase will have you taking those sharp turns without breaking a sweat. They are also called UTVs (Ultra Terrain Vehicles). They use a steering wheel for steering instead of the usual handlebar ATVs have. Both braking and accelerating are controlled by foot pedals. They are used for agricultural purposes, off-roading, and sporting events. You can see them on campus grounds, sporting arenas, military bases, and even at fire and rescue operations. With proper registration and modifications, one can become a road vehicle, too.

Youth ATVs

From young children to early teens, there's a mini quad bike for all who love fun and games on rugged terrain. 50cc is usually a beginner petrol-powered model, and 36V is an electric-powered model suitable for kids. Youth ATVs come with parental speed restrictors, little to no suspension, lower engine power, and automatic transmission. They are used for racing too. With silent electric mini quads, your children can play in the backyard or the neighbourhood without bringing angry neighbours to your doorstep.

The world of ATVs never stops fascinating us. Whether you are a child or an adult, all-terrain vehicles have a hold on us like a superpower. Their power, versatility, and agility make them exciting. They make us explorers and adventurers. When you want a selection of rugged ATVs built to superior standards, head over to Mini Bikes Off Road.

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