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SMX 140cc Big Wheel Pit Bike 2024 Model

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Get ready to redefine off-road riding with the SMX 2024 140 Big-Wheel Pit Bike, equipped with a YX140 Engine as standard! This pit bike is set to disrupt the market, offering all the outstanding features of top brands at a fraction of the cost. After meticulous fine-tuning, we proudly introduce one of the market's best bikes.

Featuring a 17" front wheel and a 14" rear wheel, this bike is equipped with heavy-duty inner tubes and large knobbly tyres. The 220mm vented wavy disc on the front wheel ensures superior stopping power. Both front and rear wheels feature hydraulic brakes for reliable braking performance.

Precision-designed swingarm guarantees exceptional cornering grip, ensuring the bike holds its line in every corner and handles superbly at high speeds over rough terrain. Anodized gold forks not only give the bike a ready-to-race appearance but also provide durability to withstand hard landings without bottoming out. The fully adjustable rear shock offers a smooth rebound, protected by a rear mud flap.

Powered by a potent 140cc engine with impressive bottom-end torque and a seamless 4-speed gearbox, this bike delivers remarkable performance. The slightly lighter clutch enhances rider control, especially while navigating tight corners.

Key Features of the SMX 2024 140 Big-Wheel Pit Bike:

  • YX140 Engine for Maximum Power
  • 17" Front Wheel and 14" Rear Wheel with Heavy-Duty Inner Tubes and Large Knobbly Tyres
  • 220mm Vented Wavy Disc on Front Wheel, Hydraulic Brakes on Both Wheels
  • Precision-Designed Swingarm for Exceptional Cornering and High-Speed Handling
  • Anodized Gold Forks for Durability and Ready-to-Race Aesthetics
  • Fully Adjustable Rear Shock with Smooth Rebound, Rear Mud Flap Protection
  • 140cc Engine with Strong Bottom-End Power and 4-Speed Gearbox
  • Seat Height: 85cm, Overall Length: 175cm, Width: 32cm (Plastics' Widest Point)
  • Off-Road Use Only, Not for Public Highways
  • Riders 16+ with Adult Supervision, Not Intended for First-Time Riders
  • Regular Mechanical Maintenance Required for Optimal Functionality
  • 6-Month Manufacturer Defect Warranty excluding the engine. (Excludes Wear and Tear, Chain + Sprockets, Tyres and Inner Tubes, Crash Damage) 1 month warranty on engine

Embrace the Ultimate Off-Road Experience with the SMX 2024 140 Big-Wheel Pit Bike. Unmatched power, performance, and excitement await every rider. Please note, these bikes are designed exclusively for off-road use, necessitating responsible operation and regular maintenance for peak performance. Riders must be 16+ with adult supervision.

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