MBO Rapid 2400w Electric Scooter 50+kmh

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You wanted a fast electric scooter so we got one!


This scooter is packing a huge 2400w 60v of power! This is not for the faint hearted.

It has been designed for some of the toughest terrain so its equipped with 10 inch off road tyres. These tyres will give you the confidence to rail the berms whilst holding the throttle wide open. 

Unlike a lot of scooter suspensions that handle the odd stone the MBO rapid scooters suspension will withstand some of the biggest bumps and jumps you are brave enough to ride. It features dual suspension on the front and back. 

The frame is made from a high grade aluminium so its sturdy and lightweight. 

What about the brakes?

If you are brave enough to go top speed you need to be able to stop. We have added disc brakes to both wheels to ensure you can stop quickly and safely when needed. 


Here is some spec:

Power info: 2400w 60v 12AH 

Battery type: Lithium-ion

Range: up to 30kmh 

Top speed: 45-65kmh (depending on riders weight and terrain)

Wheel size: 10 inch

Headlight: LED

Display: LCD display


Customer Reviews

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Partner brought me my scooter few months back and only just started to have time to ride as off work.
Can happily say it’s great fun to ride and performs really well.
Very impressed