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What to know before starting your child in Motocross

Step by step guide to preparing and entering your child in Motocross

If your child wanted a dirt bike and enjoys rides in the rough terrains, then the chances are motocross has been mentioned at least once. It is every dirt biker’s dream sport, even your young one’s. Before starting your child in motocross, there are few things you need to know beforehand. We are taking you through the steps one by one.

What is motocross?

Motocross is high octane off-road motorcycle racing taking place on purpose-built off-road tracks. It is a high-profile championship for both youths and professionals. The courses have different obstacles for the riders. The tracks are usually muddy, grassy, or gravelly.

Is motocross dangerous for my child?

Parents do get concerned for the safety of their children due to the adrenaline-filled nature of the sport. But, first, it is crucial to recognise the courage it takes for kids to challenge themselves. Like any other competitive sport, there are dangers, and you can minimise these with proper safety measures. Motocross allows children of all ages and abilities to develop new skills, socialise, build confidence, and keep fit.

How to get my child started in Motocross?

Before entering your child in Motocross classes, you need to cover the basics like where they can race, on which trails, what equipment and training is necessary. If your child has just begun dirt bike riding, consider introducing them to Enduro. It involves riding across natural terrains in woodlands and the countryside. You can add training wheels to their bike until they become comfortable with the bike.

Trail riding, although not competitive, helps your child learn to ride off-road with the balance and control required for rough riding, attempting small jumping. Then they can move on to Trials Riding, which is all about precision skills. It focuses on balance and coordination rather than speed when encountering obstacles. Your child learns the cardinal rule - feet cannot touch the ground while riding the bike.

From what age can my child race?

In the motocross arena, kids from age 4 can find classes and competitive riding. 50cc petrol bikes or a 1.5kW electric dirt bike are the beginner’s recommended kids motocross machines. Senior licences start from age 15 on a motocross bike with 125cc 2 stroke engines and upwards.

What type of helmet should I buy for my child?

Motocross racing requires an ACU approved motocross helmet. A good helmet should have a ventilation system and ECE certification. 

What type of gloves is right for my child?

Make sure the weight, flexibility, and fit are comfortably suited for your child’s hands. They should provide a tight grip and enough flexibility for control. Pay attention to details like wrist-fastenings, silicone finger-grips, and thumb-coverings.

Which type of boots should my child wear?

Look for a perfect fit with ankle protection that prevents ankle twisting and hyper-extension.

Goggle requirements

Tinted, de-fogging, and nose guard options are available. Goggles that strap on the helmet are a popular option. Tear-offs or roll-offs quickly clear your vision while riding when it starts to get muddy. Make sure they protect your child’s eyes from high-speed firing stones, sand, and dirt.

Trousers and Jerseys

Dirt bike gear keeps your child safe from external impact while ensuring the best physical riding conditions. The trousers and jerseys you select for them should have a breathable mesh liner, multi-directional flexibility, and knee protection. Trousers should have adjustable waistlines.

How to transport your child’s bike?

A van or a bike trailer can easily do the job, or else, you can consider a hitch-carrier on a tow bar that fits onto the back of your car.

The cost of mini motocross

Kids bikes starting from £200 are perfect for those learning to ride. When your child starts racing, you might want to up the calibre according to age, classes, and events. Bikes from £700 to £1500 make good motocross upgrades. Entry fees can start from £15 to £50.

Stay well-informed on mini motocross opportunities for your sporty child, and who knows, it could be the start of a dazzling career. Buy top-quality mini dirt bikes at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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