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Top 10 best pit bikes for offroading enthusiasts

Whether your young rider is gearing up for championships or just seeking an adventurous escapade, here is a list of pit bikes designed for various age groups and skill levels. Read on as we explore the features, specifications, and what makes each bike ideal for young offroading enthusiasts!

  1. KURZ FS 140 Big Wheel

 KURZ FS 140 Big Wheel

The KURZ FS 140 is designed for future champions participating in championships like BMB or regional competitions. With the most powerful engine in its class (140cc), a precision-engineered chassis, and cutting-edge 4-stroke technology, this bike delivers unrivalled performance. The HD frame offers accurate rider feedback, energy absorption, and handling response.

  1. Slam SMX 125 Pit Bike

 Slam SMX 125 Pit Bike

The Slam SMX 125 Pit Bike may be small in capacity, but it is designed with significant capability. With a 125cc engine, it delivers agility and power, making it perfect for hours of off-road fun. This mini bike is ready to ride, offering a real taste of motocross for young enthusiasts.

  1. STOMP EBOX 2.0 Electric Bike

 STOMP EBOX 2.0 Electric Bike

STOMP takes the game a notch higher with the EBOX 2.0 Electric Bike. Featuring an over-boosted 2000-watt powertrain, extended forks, and a lithium battery/brushless motor combination, this bike is a powerhouse. With adjustable speed control, it suits entry-level riders and complies with CE and UKCA testing standards.

  1. 10Ten 250R 250cc 19/16 Dirt Bike

 10Ten 250R 250cc 19/16 Dirt Bike

The 10Ten 250R is a bridge from pit bike to full-size motocross, equipped with a powerful air-cooled 250cc engine. Fitted with high-strength 19" front and 16" rear aluminium rims, this bike offers adjustable suspension for a customised riding experience.

  1. Thumpstar 190 Pit Bike

 Thumpstar 190 Pit Bike

The all-new Thumpstar range is making big waves in the pit bike world. With 17/14 wheels and a seat height of 88cm. This bike is designed with a ZS190 engine and is ideal for riders who want the feel of a bigger bike.

  1. KURZ FS 140 Small Wheel

 KURZ FS 140 Small Wheel

The KURZ FS 140, also available in a small wheel variant, caters to adventurous teenage riders. With the same powerful 140cc engine and machine-welded precision-engineered chassis, it makes for the perfect bike for future champions.

  1. STOMP Z3-140, 140CC Pit Bike

 STOMP Z3-140, 140CC Pit Bike

The Z3-140 still boasts the ‘exclusive to Stomp’ SR140C Z40 cam engine, delivering 2hp more than any other YX140 engine on the market. With updated pro foot pegs and polished hubs, it's a reliable and cost-effective choice for off-road enthusiasts.

  1. 10Ten 250RX 250cc 21/18 Dirt Bike

 10Ten 250RX 250cc 21/18 Dirt Bike

The 250 RX is the biggest brother in the range of the UK's fastest growing Dirtbike brand. Housed in a larger Chromoly steel frame, it features 21" front and 18" rear aluminium rims, adjustable suspension, and other standard features for a thrilling off-road adventure.

  1. Thumpstar 125 Pit Bike

 Thumpstar 125 Pit Bike

Part of the new Thumpstar range, the Thumpstar 125 Pit Bike with 17/14 wheels and a seat height of 88cm is designed for riders seeking the feel of a bigger bike. Push the boundaries and enjoy a thrilling riding experience.

  1. Slam SMX 250 Motocross Bike

 Slam SMX 250 Motocross Bike

For those stepping into the world of motocross, the Slam SMX 250 Motocross Bike is a fantastic starter. A 250cc off-road dirt bike that offers a great balance of speed, reliability, and fun. An ideal bike to get started without the heavy price tag.


These bikes are designed for endless possibilities of fun and excitement and are ideal for young moto enthusiasts.  Each bike is now available for purchase at our store, along with a range of other options to give your kids the ultimate off-road experience!

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