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These are some of the best places for kids to ride quad bikes safely

The quad bike experience isn't complete without the ground to cover. But, not everyone lives on a farm or substantial land. So, where can kids ride quads? Fortunately, the UK has plenty of trails and locations where a quad is welcome, along with the fun it brings. They are safe, legal, and fun. Here are the best places for kids to ride quad bikes.


Sometimes, junior quads do not need a lot of space, and when kids are still learning, they need a safer and less dramatic space. We can't think of anywhere better that fits this description than the backyard. It doesn't have to be your own if you don't have that kind of space. Ask a friend or a relative who has a bigger space. Quieter quads will not get complaints from neighbours, so choose an electric quad bike if your quad biking spaces are limited to residential land.

Private land

In the UK, quads go scot-free on private land. If you are in the country on holiday and there's space, you can let your children ride their quads as long as you get permission from the owner. It could be a holiday rental, a farm, an empty land, an estate, or even a private woodland.

Quad bike trails

Quad trails feature an array of landscapes, beautiful orchards, challenging woodlands, hill embankments, and muddy, open fields. There are routes comprising of fields, steep hills, pits, sandhills, man-made obstacles, water splashes, and practice tracks. Some rambles even take you through farmlands and open hillsides. These places also offer safety gear, so you don’t have to bring your own. There are quad circuits specially designed for mud-churning, water splashing, and wheel-spinning. Some tracks are designed for kids as young as 6, and it's always good to make sure the minimum age and group size requirement before deciding on a site. Kids will also get training before beginning the ride, so they will know how to attempt the obstacle courses and navigate across terrain safely.

Offroading tracks

Sometimes, all it takes is to find the most surprising off-roading track. It could be in Surrey, Cornwall, the Lake District, or the Isle of Mann. You can use a GPS app to find the trails. These are natural tracks you are legally allowed to ride a quad on, often passing through private land. There are creek crossings, rocky paths, grassy plains, and cross-country safaris.

Forest with quad biking trails

There are plenty of forest trails in the UK you can legally ride a quad on. It is a quad biking experience kids will love, especially if they don't get to spend time in green outdoors. From trails through Ancient Caledonian forests to dense woodlands in Milton Keynes, forest tracks are not only adventurous for kids but also educational. A quad trek is just as immersive as a regular forest trek.

On holiday

There are quad bike trails in almost every holiday destination in the UK. From Cumbria to Devon and Dorset to Argyll, your kids can look forward to their favourite activity on junior quad bike tracks on family holidays. You can book a quad-based break that also includes a self-catering property. Sometimes quad biking experience providers also offer other activities like paintball, hovercraft, archery, and go-karting.

When your kids get excited about quad biking, remember, there are always quad trails they can safely ride on. Some places are off-road trails, and others are designed for muddy, wet fun. Whichever you choose, there are some exciting choices for kids to explore their love of quads. Buy the latest petrol and electric quad bikes from Mini Bikes Off Road and experience the beauty of off-road adventure.

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