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The well-informed process of starting your kids on dirt bike racing

Motocross dreams are a widely-shared sporting passion among young children in the UK. And, the BikeLife doesn't have to be something they do in secret, and there's no need for them to seek out shady places to burn rubber. Starting your kids on dirt bike racing should be guided by you. Thereby, you get to stay on top of their safety. So, let’s reason out dirt bikes like the adults we are.

Reasons why dirt bike racing is a great sport activity for your kids

It is non-violent entertainment that is exhilarating. When children develop a Motosport passion, it doesn't always have to be Formula 1. Greatness is achieved with Motocross racing too. Dirt biking teaches kids discipline. Without discipline and control of oneself, you can't ride a bike. The risk element of the sport teaches them about taking precautions, staying vigilant, and the importance of keeping safe. Learning to operate multiple controls simultaneously and watching out for obstacles, and calculating jumps develop keen reflexes and cognitive skills. And, it does the rarest of all things that kids like doing. It brings them outdoors.

Things to consider when starting your kids on dirt bike racing

What is a suitable age - If your 6year old tells you that they want to start dirt bike training, do not be alarmed. You will find that kids aged 4 start riding dirt bikes. 6-8 is usually the starting age for most motocross classes and motocross clubs in the UK for junior riders.

Skill level - Learning about your child's skill level is crucial before you let them start racing or join a class. It is only possible when they start riding bikes. An entry-level dirt bike will ensure they get to ride safely and develop the necessary skills.

Maturity level - It takes a special brand of kids to master the dirt bike. Their emotional maturity is especially important. They should be able to understand the risks, love the thrill, and manage to stay in control. If the occasional stumble and fall put them off, it is a sign that they are not ready for it yet. Endurance is a quality that goes a long way in sports.

Ability to understand and follow instructions - Dirt bike racing and riding need strict discipline. Your child's ability to understand and follow instructions is a good indication of how disciplined they will be on a dirt bike. If they are dismissive of them, there's a chance they will be reckless riders. Therefore, consider their willingness to be guided properly.

How to get your kids started on dirt bike racing

Selecting a suitable bike - A bike too big for your child can become a deal-breaker. The bike should not feel cumbersome, and kids should be able to be in control of it. Beginners can start on 50cc petrol-powered mini bikes and electric bikes with1.5kW. If they are training on the local track or motocross track, make sure the bike is suitable for the relevant age groups. Motocross bikes for each age group have different engine power and wheel requirements.

Ample time and space for practice - You can't hurry a child to become a motocross rider. And they might even be happier with just off-road riding. So, allow them to practice on different trails and terrains to see what experiences they like best. If they have a feel for competitive racing, let them join the local motocross club.

Choosing the right safety gear - A good quality helmet made with advanced technology is the most important piece of gear essential for dirt bike riders. A pair of motocross boots with ankle protection, chest and back protection, jerseys & pants, knee braces, neck braces, gloves, and even kidney belts keep your young one safe. Motocross racing requires more advanced gear than regular riding.

Finding proper race tracks in your area - Do a simple search online to see the type of dirt bike tracks in your area. Check affiliated websites to find local motocross tracks.

Going to motocross events in your area - Let kids see up-close motocross events to help them understand what it is really like. Real-world experiences are much different from what they see on TV. You can speak to other riders and let them share their experiences with your kids.

Once a sporting passion is ignited in young children, it needs nurturing to help them get ahead with that passion. Dirt biking may sound like a reckless hobby, but it instills in kids values that other hobbies don't. Head to Mini Bikes Off Road today to purchase a petrol-powered or an electric mini motocross bike.

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