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The very compelling reasons to buy an electric dirt bike

The dirt bike has been the vehicle that transports many to the high-octane pleasures of the rough terrains. After the racing car, it is the motorsport favourite. The petrol-powered dirt bike with its familiar combustion sound is atypical. But, times are changing; so is the technology and its zero-emission electric counterpart is here to stay. While both bike types offer the same thrills, they each have their qualities that appeal to individual riders. So, if you ever wondered which to buy, we are giving you all the reasons to buy an electric dirt bike.

Inspiring kids to get into motorsport

If you ever held back your child from their motorsport dreams because you thought they were too risky, then the electric motorbike that ranks high in safety will change your mind. At the top level, motorsport is a big business, and many of those who excel in it are considered idols. It is a world-class sport with lucrative gains. From Lewis Hamilton to Valentino Rossi, racing champions are inspiring kids across the world. The younger you start, the better the advantage in gaining expertise, skill, and fame. A kids’ electric bike is much easier to use, and it could be that gift that starts off a high profiled career. MotoGP, speedway, trial biking, motocross, and Enduro are some of the motorcycle events aspiring riders can compete in. 

Save on fuel

Electric dirt bikes are battery-powered. It ensures lower running costs over the lifetime of the bike with not a penny spent on fuel. You can use one as a road bike with DVLA registration, number plate, and insurance.

Less maintenance

These bikes require a fraction of the maintenance of their gas-powered counterparts. There are no spark plugs, coolant, oil changes, oil filters, or engine services involved. E-dirt bikes have fewer moving parts that need cleaning, lubricating, tightening, and inspecting. They also do not require messy oil refilling; you only need to plug it in. Regular dirt bikes can overheat during intense manoeuvers and extended riding due to the heat produced by fuel consumption. It can lead to malfunction if the coolant is not up to standard. As electric bikes do not burn fossil fuel, there is less grease and grime to clean.

Various Safety Features

Electric dirt bikes have speed limits and different riding modes that are handy for safe riding. They do not produce extreme heat, and in the absence of an exhaust pipe, there's no chance of getting burnt on the exhaust pipe. With a smooth throttle, it is easy for a child to twist without getting whiskey throttled. E-dirt bikes are not necessary to shift. A child can just hop on the bike and ride. Accelerator handle and front and rear brake disks connected to a handlebar pull provide ease of use for inexperienced riders.

Eco-friendly option

In the absence of a combustion engine, they produce zero emissions. No carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide fumes that are harmful to the health are released. In addition, harmful chemicals or toxins are not getting released into the atmosphere. E-dirt bikes rely on electricity to power them, a more sustainable source of energy than fossil fuel. UK Government targets reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 by phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles, including motorcycles. Formula 1 has plans to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Less noise means more freedom

In the UK, motorised vehicles are restricted to off-road use only. You can only ride dirt bikes on private land with permission from the owner. However, the noise of petrol-powered bikes can cause disruption and annoyance to neighbours, farm animals, and pets. The noisy exhaust of off-road vehicles is a common factor for complaint. Electric bikes make little to no sound, which means more landowners will give permission, and you will not have to deal with noise complaints.


They are easier to be controlled by a younger rider due to the lighter weight. Usually, the labour-intensive task of getting the dirt bike on and off a trailer becomes so much easier. Jumping and landing become undemanding as shocks account for lighter weight on landing. They are less likely to bottom out your shocks. It is convenient to wheel a lighter dirt bike out of rougher terrains, hard-to-access spots, or up hills in the event of a breakdown. They enhance the trail riding experience with better multiple-terrain handling.

E-dirt bikes are not kickstarted the same way bikes with a combustion motor have to be. Kids can start these bikes with no help. A petrol engine limits the acceleration of the bike through engine revolution. You need to gain the RPM sweet spot to get going faster. It is not the case with electric motion, which makes it easier to get a good start and allows you to accelerate harder. Since there's no need for gear switching with electric bikes, you no longer need to learn how to run a clutch.

Range of options

You can buy these bikes for different ages and the size of your child. They can start from 500w to 130W. These can also reach top speeds between 25km/h and 120km/h. Some hybrid versions have an electric push-button for a quicker and smoother start.

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