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The simple but best ways to create outdoor space for kids

It has become the modern world's norm: more and more children are drifting apart from nature and staying indoors most of their lives. 20% of British children have never climbed a tree. Children need a fair amount of self-directed outdoor play to become healthy adults. Creating outdoor space for kids is a way to reestablish contact with nature. It helps build resilience, burn calories, and promote health & wellbeing. So, how can modern-day busy parents design interesting spaces for children to engage with nature while having fun? Let’s spend 5 minutes reading this.

Importance of outdoor play for a child’s learning and development

The immense physical and mental benefits of outdoor play are accepted by all. It has the backing of science with a staggering volume of research. However, at the same time, the appeal of the outdoors has become second place to screen time.

Certain features and stimuli of the natural environment offer various play opportunities that cannot be replicated indoors (Stephenson, 2002). Being exposed to sunlight, natural elements, and fresh air contribute to children's bone development, stronger immune systems, and physical development. With sensory experiences, children learn about the natural environment, which is also important for motor skill development. The outdoors provides the best learning environments, especially for the early years of a child.

Backyard Sandbox

Sounds basic but, a sand box does a lot to keep young kids entertained, interested, and most importantly, outside. Sand provides sensory play opportunities along with chances to dig and build structures. You can keep the sand dry in all weathers with a lid on. Consider a custom-made box with an inbuilt lid. A sand water area for building sandcastles or playing with toy fish and boats recreates seaside experiences and helps them learn natural play. A sand pit is also a great idea, especially when the kids outgrow the box. You can use boulders to form the perimetre, an actual boat to fill up with sand, or an old tub. Add some pebbles, interesting rocks, and sand toys.

Art and creativity space

Build an art station in the garden. Use the back garden wall to hang a large blackboard or a whiteboard to draw on. You can even set up a canvas in the garden for kids to paint natural surroundings. Permanent fixtures like a mini summer house, a music wall with improvised instruments, or a play kitchen can give kids space for creative play.

Tree House

If your garden has a mature tree fit for a treehouse, consider it an amazing opportunity for children to get closer to the natural environment. It is the perennial outdoor play space. Kids learn to climb ladders & trees, and they get to observe treetops & their dwellers. It offers a unique space for kids to engage in imaginative play.

Mini Cooking Station

If adults can have a spot for a barbeque in the garden, why not a mud kitchen for kids to play-host guests? You can buy one or attempt a DIY. It is a backyard play space equipped with bowls, utensils, a sink, and water. They can make as many mud pies here as possible. They will learn about utensils in the kitchen and mixing, pouring, sorting, scooping, and serving.

Kid’s garden

There's no need for adults to take up all the space in the garden. Give little ones their own plot to grow what they like. They will learn to plant seeds, water & nurture them, weed, and turn the soil.

Kid-friendly obstacle course

Sometimes all you need is a few tyres and a slide. Incorporate a balance beam, water play with a DIY kid's car wash, and climbing opportunities.

Swings and slide

The allure of a swing set or a simple plastic slide is quite strong. It is an incentive to get kids to play outdoors. Sometimes, there's no need to splash on a complete swing set. The old-fashioned tyre swing will keep your young ones in the outdoors for ages. You can even set up the slide on a dirt hill with a few wooden steps for better convenience, but the same level of fun.

Clear a path for bike riding and practicing

You can design an obstacle course to make riding more interesting. A homemade ramp can make them feel like they are riding up a hill.

There are plenty of ways to design creative play areas for kids to play outdoors. Investing your time and energy in them will be immensely rewarding. Getting kids to the great outdoors with outdoor sports is what Mini Bikes Off Road does best with the latest exciting bikes, dirt bikes, quad bikes, and more.

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