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The quad bike experience in the UK every rider should know about

Sometimes the thrill of the bike doesn’t match the terrain. You know you can go faster, and you know you want those wheels to take on dramatic terrain, but you are not in the right place. In the UK and elsewhere, quad bikes are not allowed everywhere, and rightly so, as quad biking needs free terrain. So, where can you have the high thrills quad bike experience in the UK? There are more options than you think.


No, we are not talking about the parks you go to feed the ducks. There are acres of parkland, rugged countryside, steep hills, dense woodlands, and pools of water constituted to create the best quad biking conditions. From Kent to Cambridge and Devon to Cornwall, there are places to experience the great outdoors on one giant piece of land. Experience quad trekking across the wilderness where natural trails are too picturesque not to admire. Adventure farm parks are a thing too!

Quad Nation has some stunning parks in the countryside for quad riding for both experts and novices. You can rent powerful quads and mini quads for kids in these locations.

Riding trails

Sometimes, what you need is a page out of the F1 tracks. Manmade, purpose-built quad circuits with an array of obstacles can keep you busy for a whole day. Learner tracks for kids and intermediate tracks that test you to your limits are available. There are mounds and dips for the adrenaline junkies and especially-designed obstacles to attempt the trickiest jump. Age-appropriate terrain for children from 6 to 16 years and plenty of varied terrain for adults make birthday parties, stag do’s, and work outings so extra.

Natural riding trails on off-road adventures are easier to find with a quad bike experience provider. When it comes to quad racing, there are numerous tracks and clubs around the country and training opportunities. These tracks are mostly for owner riders. Rental quads are not provided for practice at racing tracks. Cusses Gorse Waterlooville, Pontrilas, Wakes Colne Halstead, Dean Moore Lamplugh, Sherwood MX Mansfield, Coney Green Farm Stourport, Traq Motor Racing Surrey, and Duns Motocross are some pro-grade tracks that also host quad racing events.

Backyard or garden

If you have the space but bemoan the lack of challenging terrain, add a ramp, some mounds of soil or dirt, a bed of rocky rubble, and more. It is fun for kids who want to have the quad biking experience closer to home on their own quads. You can use electric quads to keep things quiet and the neighbours happy.

Adventure parks

Did you know that adventure parks have quad biking facilities? You can have an action-packed day out with off-road driving, archery, paintballing, laser tag, and quad biking. Wild Park Derbyshire, Avalanche Adventure, Bassetts Pole Adventure Park Birmingham, Tile Farm Off-Road Sutton, and Yorkshire Outdoors are just a few places to name.

Quad bike venues

Quad Nation is the largest quad biking venue network in the UK and Ireland. They have 58 quad bike venues across the country. Trackdays offers a variety of driving experiences, including quad biking in Oxfordshire and Sussex. Into The Blue offers quad biking experiences in London, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Leeds, Cumbria, Newcastle, and Cornwall. Rothiemurchus in the heart of Cairngorms National Park, Dragon Raiders in North Wales, and Desertmartin Circuit in Northern Ireland are quad racing venues outside England.

The quad bike experience can leave you exhilarated when the conditions are optimum. Plenty of muddy mayhem, splashing points, wooded tracks, dirt tracks, hills, slopes, and rocky obstacles set the setting for adrenaline-filled speed, jumps, and tricks. Buy the best quality mini and adult quad bikes from Mini Bikes Off Road to enjoy power, safety, and convenience.

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