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The guide to icicle adventures with winter ATV trail riding with kids

Unlike other vehicles, the ATV doesn’t have to shy away from the snow. You can turn it into your snowmobile for heaps of fun in the winter. Kids who would usually spend time indoors when outdoors are not as exciting can look forward to the joys of quad riding in a wintry landscape, unlike other activities. Our guide to winter ATV trail riding with kids helps you make the most of cold weather safely and effectively.

Why is winter an ideal time for ATV trail riding?

The dramatic change to scenery and landscape and the less busy outside world make a familiar outdoor activity even more fun. For those who cannot look past the beauty of summer, you will find that there’s beauty all around in winter. With hardly any foliage, there are sweeping views. With a thick blanket of snow (if we are lucky) covering the ground, you will feel like you are exploring the North Pole.

Winter ATV accessories

Stock tyres of quad bikes are suited for snow-covered frontiers too. However, if you want more traction for better speeds, go for a set of tyres with taller and sharper lugs. You can add tyre chains too, but they will slow you down. If you are planning on race-riding on a frozen lake, add ice studs to the tyres.

There’s always a chance that you will get stuck on a trail. It’s not easy digging out a heavy ATV, especially in cold weather. Invest in a heavy-duty winch, and it will have your quad unstuck in no time. All you need is something heavy like a tree or rock to tie it.

Wintry days get dark in record time. Sometimes you may not even notice it. Whether you are trail riding or doing farmwork, extra lights can help. Attach a removable windshield to keep the chilly air at bay.

An ATV block heater can quickly warm up the engine, which otherwise takes longer due to cold weather.

What to wear?

Hand warmers, a thumb warmer, an insulated vest, and thermal underpants keep you warm on the trail. If you don't keep warm, you can't have much fun in freezing weather. ATV riders tend to dress in three layers in winter. The first layer should be tight and moisture-absorbent. The second should be looser, thicker, and moisture-wicking. The third layer usually consists of a waterproof jacket and pants. Woolly socks are warm on the feet, and dual-pane goggles prevent fogging. Wear a helmet and boots too.

What to take with you when ATV riding with kids

Even if the weather is cold, the stellar speeds and the adrenaline will make you warm. You should have plenty of water and a flask of hot beverage to hydrate and replenish. Snacks are always welcome on winter riding. Extra pairs of gloves, blankets, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a fully-charged mobile phone, an on-trail repair kit, a collapsible shovel, matches & newspapers for starting a fire, and portable traction pads keep you prepared for all contingencies. Seat warmers and hot packs are handy items too.

Rules to follow when riding during winter

Although the ATV is equipped to handle snow and ice, nobody is safe from a snowstorm. Make sure to check weather forecasts to see if any storms, sleet, or blizzards are on the cards. Make sure there are at least six inches of solid ice before riding on a frozen lake. Look out for danger signs on frozen bodies of water. Do not wander off the ATV trails. Do not ride on snowmobile trails unless they are allowed for ATVs. Stick to the speed limit and off-road trails. Only road ATVs can travel on public trails.

Best ATV riding trails in the UK

From when you are on holiday to nearer to home, the UK has first-class quad biking trails.

Highland Offroad and Highland Fling Bungee in Perthshire, Adventure Britain in Dulais Valley, AshTree Farm in Kent, WildTracks Suffolk, Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, Lake District in Cumbria, Rothiemurchus in Aviemore, and Snowdonia in Wales have riding trails open all year for quads.

Winter is family time. Make the best of it with your kids’ favourite adventure sport, zipping around on dramatic wintry trails in crisp weather. Buy kids & adults, electric, and petrol quad bikes at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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