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Surprise yourself with kids quad bikes upgrades at home

Give kids quad bikes more power and features for better performance

Whether your child is a quad racing enthusiast or has an affinity for quad biking, you can find room for improvement on the technical front for better usability of the machine. While a mini quad comes fully equipped for an exhilarating and rugged experience on all terrains, you can customise it for individual requirements. If you are looking to add extra features to the bike or give it more power, this article is a must-read. Let’s find out how to upgrade kids quad bikes without too much hassle at home.

While the ideal starter quads have to be decided by the parents who are in the best position to assess their child’s capabilities, you can use modifications to keep up with a young rider’s growing ability or any related safety concerns.

More battery power

Electric mini quads use a battery for the bike to run, and the more power the battery has, the longer the bike runs. By replacing the battery with a more powerful one helps the bike to run longer and faster. A worn-down battery also needs replacement to ensure the bike performs to its optimum potential. There are plenty of battery upgrades suitable for every bike model. A battery-powered quad of 1000W silently reaches speeds of 30HM/H.

Lights for dark hours

It is a safety measure and a convenience for the kids to have proper illumination for quad biking at late hours. Front and Rear lights are helpful additions if the bike doesn’t already come with those. Lights are also mandatory when riding the quad on the road at night, but this is for children 17 and above who are legally allowed to do so. Fixing the lights with a switch for control is an easy DIY.

Motor Replacement

Replacing the motor for more power or less power is another customisation you can do at home. Sometimes you might want to scale down power if your child has trouble controlling the quad bike or boost power if the bike is not fast enough. Racing interests are behind most modifications, so it is vital to know beforehand whether the power upgrade is racing-compatible with your child's age group. Electric quads need motor replacement when the motor has worn out to enable an efficient and smooth running bike. The silent motor offers an advantage over petrol-powered kids' quads when noise becomes a restriction to ride in certain places.

Parental Control Switch

When you want to make sure your kids are riding their quads safely, you can monitor their actions and speeds. What’s even better is if they are going too fast or the bike is out of control, the parental control switch gives you access to restrict the bike’s speed and movement. The switch is easier to fix on e-quads, and a Parental Control Speed Restrictor is suitable for all models. Adults get the choice to cut out the engine altogether and adjust speeds with these controls. It also makes sure children do not get the chance to ride without supervision. A fully automatic bike requires very little assistance, and you can select from three maximum speed settings the safest speed for your child.

Tyre replacements

The tyres should match the model and be in good shape. It is dangerous to ride with worn-out tyres. Some tyres are only suitable for electric quads while others are suitable for only petrol quads. Tyres suitable for both types of bikes are also available. If you are planning to make the quad road-worthy, you need to add road tyres.

Modify air filter

Petrol quad bikes have several components you can modify. An enhancement-air filter dramatically improves the ability of the engine to breathe and seals off any dirt infiltration between sealing surfaces. You need to replace the carburettor main jetting, too, to compensate for the lower restriction air-cleaner to prevent engine bogging/leaning.

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