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Stop haphazard charging and use this electric kids quad charging guide

Electric quads are silent, monster-fun vehicles that do not bother neighbours. They are more preferred in urban areas as their noisier siblings can cause disruptions in the neighbourhood. As an EV, their greener carbon footprint is an attractive prospect for the environment as well. All EVs have a battery that the better you care for, the longer it lasts. This electric kids quad charging guide makes sure the quad will offer hours and hours of endless fun for kids without expensive battery maintenance. After all, an electric quad keeps things low-key when everyone is trying to have an afternoon nap, and you wouldn’t want that to abruptly come to a halt because of a faulty battery. 

What type of battery does kids’ quad bikes use?

Quad bikes, whether kids or adults, use two main types of batteries- lead-acid and lithium. Sealed lead-acid batteries are also called AGM and GEL.

Lead-acid batteries have multiple cells separated by lead plates that are charged by battery acid. They are the most economical option than lithium batteries and the most commonly used. The key maintenance of these batteries involves keeping the acid levels within the fill lines. Without the right amount of battery acid between lead plates, the battery will not function.

Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive and require no maintenance. They always need to be replaced without the possibility of maintenance and repair by the user.

What are the different battery capacities of electric kids' quad bikes?

The most common battery capacity for quad bikes is 12V. Battery capacity rated in Ah (Amperage hours) differs due to the size of the engine and components. Quads with larger engines and more electrical components generally require batteries with higher Ah ratings. Quad batteries typically range from 12Ah to 40Ah.

How long do you need to charge an electric kid’s quad bike?

High-end electric quad bikes for kids usually have 36V and 1000W of power. These need 8-10 hours of charging. It gives you 45 minutes to 1 hour of runtime. The initial charge time is usually 12 hours for a 36V battery-powered quad.

Tips for charging electric kids quad bikes

Do not overcharge the battery – overcharging can cause the battery to overheat, which can damage internal components and explode. It also lowers battery life and running time. You can use an Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer when you don’t have a smart charger to automatically switch off charging once fully charged and switch to maintenance mode. It can prevent overcharging, especially when you leave the battery to charge overnight.

Exercise the battery – Even if you don't have to ride around on your quad, your quad battery still needs to be used and charged. Constant deep drains can wear out the battery.

Know when it is time to replace the battery - 12V batteries should read 12V when attached to a multimetre or a voltmetre. If they are reading less than 9V, it is a sign that they need replacing. Any reading between 9V and 12V can be salvaged with a 12V trickle charge by charging each battery individually.

Charging immediately after use – The single most important thing about quad battery maintenance is keeping it fully charged. And you will have a fully-charged battery for your next ride.

Avoid keeping it unsused for a long time - Having your battery hold a consistent charge stops you from getting into difficulty when jumpstarting your quad next time. Your battery can fail if it is sat idle for too long. Unused lead-acid batteries build up sulphation.

It is much cheaper to maintain your kids' quad bike battery than to replace it. Charging it correctly and checking for voltage regularly ensures it remains healthy ad safe for riding. When you want to buy the latest electric quad bikes with high-performing safety features, Mini Bikes Off Road is your best bet.

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