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Reasons people love dirt bikes that make you want one

Some people’s spirit animal is the dirt bike, and they can’t help themselves but love these beauties. But, if you are not one of the besotted and have wondered why some are, we help you understand the real reasons people love dirt bikes. They are more than daredevilry on two wheels. So, prepare for falling - in love.

Fun and exciting

It’s easy to think the world is a doomed place, and it is getting less fun and exciting. However, dirt bikes change that. There’s a sense of freedom about riding into the wild, with no speed limits, road rules, or traffic. It is exciting to discover unchartered trails and explore varied terrains that present new obstacles to try. And, when you have jumped over them, flying through the air, the gratification becomes a relishing memory you will probably still think about when you are seventy. As your riding skills improve, you will feel like you have tamed a mean machine unto your will.

Great for physical health

If you think riding a dirt bike does not look physically challenging, think about how much energy one has to use to handle a bike that weighs 100kg. You will be using both your upper and lower body, amounting to a full-body workout. It improves your core strength. Gripping the bike and absorbing shocks of the rough terrain with your knees keep your quadriceps and hamstrings active. Your arm, wrist, shoulder, and back muscles are actively absorbing shocks through the handlebars. Dirt bike riders are constantly picking up their bikes from tumbles, and it is a bit like weight training at the gym.

It is no surprise that your heart races when the adrenaline kicks in. The average heart rate on a trail ride can go up to 130bpms. Aggressive jumps, climbing, and Enduro trail riding can increase it to 150bpms easily. Your cardiovascular system is in full swing when you are dirt biking.

Improves mental stimulation

The health benefits of dirt bike riding do not stop at physical benefits. Dirt bike riders have to concentrate hard. The mental alertness required for this activity helps you learn to focus on tasks. Your cognitive skills improve as you are constantly making calculated judgments in record time. You also learn technical troubleshooting skills because when your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing but to learn to fix it. You make full use of your visual and auditory capability, referencing objects and sounds as you ride. The continuous hand-foot, hand-eye coordination while accelerating and decelerating improves a great deal of mental stimulation.

Stress Relief

It may not seem like stress-relieving activity, but it is. Sometimes, it is the carefree launch into the air across a creek that properly helps you blow off steam. With all your attention and concentration on riding, you won’t have a chance to worry about work deadlines or the general state of worldly affairs. It’s just you, the bike, and the outdoors. You are calm and collected at the end of trail riding.

Outdoor adventure

You will be in places your car can’t get to, or you will never see or come to if you were not on a dirt bike. The great outdoors is the biggest appeal of off-road riding. Take time to appreciate the scenery and breathe in the fresh air.

Build friendships

Great minds think alike. You will meet like-minded people on the trails. These friendships can last well into your old age. A group of adventurous people brought together by a shared passion is a powerful thing.

Our love for our dirt bikes need not be justified. But, if justified, they need be, we think we have given you some fantastic reasons. Are you buying a dirt bike for the first time or looking for an advanced one for your skill level? Check out the latest additions at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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