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Planning an off-roading adventure without setbacks that dampen the fun

Getting off-the-beaten-track is unlike any other travel. It is a booster for your physical and emotional well-being. However, planning an off-roading adventure for the family can sound like a nightmare to most. But did you know that the anticipation of a trip can increase a person’s happiness far more than material purchases can? So, get your skates on; we are doing this the fun and easy way. Before you venture off the road on a 4x4 to tackle rough terrain, there are few things to accomplish first.

Plan the route ahead

There is no reason to plan every hour of every day; leave room to wing it. After all, adventure suggests the unknown. You don’t want to drive all night with kids falling asleep and losing their energy to be excited when you get to your destination. Arrange for accommodation en route so that everyone is well-rested for the next phase of the journey. Make sure you take the scenic and quiet route. The journey has never been more important than the destination when it comes to a road trip. So, slow the pace down and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Use an app like Waze to stay off traffic, speed limit roads, and other unexpected factors that slow you down. A website like Roadtrippers can estimate distances and petrol costs while pointing to attractions on your route. If you are renting a car and your kids need a particular type of car seat, enquire from the rental company about your choices.

Let the kids enjoy

There is no point telling your kids to look out the window if they are too tired or sleepy. And once they get to the great outdoors, if they are too tired to get excited about dirt biking, cycling, or quad biking they were looking forward to, it can become a waste of a long drive. So, plan a rest stop between destinations to eat, stock up, and stretch your legs. Get the family off-roading groove on with everyone’s favourite music and radio stations. Make sure you and the kids get a good night's sleep before starting a day of outdoor adventure.

Plenty of stocks

Roading adventures make you hungry. Not sure what it is about road trips, but you will see your supplies deplete very quickly. Have enough food and water including, snacks, and drinks ready. You do not want to give your kids a sugar rush on a long journey so, pack healthier food such as fruit, nuts, crackers, popcorn, protein bars, apple chips, cereal bars, and fruit juice. Take a peeler, knife, paper plates and cups, salt and pepper pots, condiment sachets, and travel cutlery to assemble a quick picnic meal. If you are carrying a cooler, remember to refill ice on stops.

Safety gear and supply

If your kids want to have some rough-terrain fun with dirt bikes, quad bikes, or mountain biking, they need protective gear. Although you can rent the gear, the protective wear might not fit them as perfectly as their own. So, do not leave behind the helmets, gloves, and shoes they need for their mud mayhems and off-roading thrillers. Sensible wear such as boots keeps them ready for a hike or a quick scramble on the trails. Flip-flops may be synonymous with holidays, but not with off-roading. Rain is always a fickle factor, so take your waterproofs too. If you are taking their bikes with you, fix a sturdy trailer to the vehicle. If a family member requires medication, take an extra supply and keep them close at hand. Remember to take a repair kit, any spare parts the bike might need, and the charger if it needs electric charging.

Emergency kit

A first-aid kit, spare batteries for the camera, torch, etc., extra SD cards, charging packs, baby wipes/wet wipes, sanitisers, rubbish bags, sunscreen, binoculars, and sunglasses should all travel in a box with you.

The vehicle

When you are off-roading, your everyday car for family travel is not the best choice. You will need an off-road vehicle, a four-wheel drive, or a 4x4. If you own one, you can do your own checks to see how it stacks up against the odds of the rough terrains. Or else, it’s a good idea to ask the rental company to recommend you a suitable vehicle.

GPS Device

Export your virtual route from Google Maps to your GPS. You can enable a friend or a loved one to track your movement in real-time too. With the help of a GPS SOS device, you can send messages, post updates to social media, request assistance, or send out an SOS signal to search and rescue units. It never hurts to take maps that might come in handy in technical difficulties.

Tool Kit

Anticipate breakdowns. Take a spare tyre, tyre jack, wheel brace, tyre pressure gauge, wheel nut key, puncture repair foam, spare fuses, spare bulbs, jump leads, battery packs, and a fuel can. Make a note of emergency road assistance numbers and have your RSC membership details with you.

Family road trips are about more than just a great time. The memories last forever and bring everyone closer to share adventure and excitement. Get kids off-road safety clothing from Mini Bikes Off Road to experience all terrains with the best protection.

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