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Outdoor adventure activities that teenagers will put down their phones for

The outdoors is the greatest playground there is in the world. Whether your teenager is more into Stanger Things or Titans, once they are outside, their creativity, self-confidence, and curiosity will outperform their screen interests. Believe it or not, there are outdoor adventure activities teenagers will love. We get it; getting teenagers out into nature can sometimes be a Herculean task, but it is worth it, and here's how.


Camping is one of the simplest and relaxing outdoor activities to rediscover nature. Even if it’s just for a night, under the stars and between the canvas, you are going to find solitude, scenery, and satisfaction. Teens love experiencing new and unusual things. So, guess what? There will be newness in surroundings, unfamiliar sights, and sounds. There will be a bit of skill learning, too, as they help pitch the tent, fashion a rain tarp, cook a rustic meal, and watch the stars. Free from distraction, and hopefully with no TikTok, they will be forced to live in the moment and enjoy your company for a change.

Kayaking / Canoeing

A bit of splashing in the water is a great activity to reinvigorate spirits. Kayaking and canoeing down rivers keep teens busy with a change of scenery. However, this is for older kids. They will learn how to navigate on water bodies, spot aquatic wildlife, and even get the opportunity to swim.


We are not talking about the big churn in a vortex of water, only the wavelets breaking on the beach. Once teens figure out how to stay on their boards without falling for a minute or two, you got yourself a winner outdoor adventure. It is exhilarating as much as challenging. And, nothing says physical activity than trying to ride a wave.


We think you really don't have to encourage children much to skateboard because all the cool kids do it, right? Urban outdoors are just as outdoorsy as the other kind. Kids will still benefit from fresh air, sunlight, and the company of other kids. There are plenty of skate ramps and skate parks in the UK. There's probably one near you if you look for it. Just make sure they get to pick their skateboard and gear and introduce them to the right location.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are one of those fun activities that never get old. It can be done just about anywhere, but taking this activity outdoors is an easy way to create adventure. It boosts their observational, explorational, and problem-solving skills. There will be a lot of mental alertness while keeping active. It is suitable for all ages, even younger kids.


This two-wheeled fun is not just good exercise but also an opportunity to take to the back alleys, country lanes, parks, woodlands, and coastal paths. Plan a route that is both scenic and new, so children will appreciate the unfamiliar surroundings. Make ice-cream stops and have a picnic in the woods. Mountain biking and BMX biking across wild landscapes bring a sense of freedom and adventure. Bikepacking is a wonderful way to explore. You can cover an extensive area in a single day, gorging on fresh oxygen while taking in all the views.

Outdoor festivals

From music to star gazing and pizza making to pond dipping, the UK has a packed calendar of family outdoor festivals. These don’t just bring you to the outdoors, but they also introduce teens to arts and crafts, both traditional and modern.

Adventure Parks

There’s hardly a chance your child will say no to these. Adventure parks are the next best thing to adventure camps in the wild. Man-made structures and heaps of people, yes, but these are amazing at enticing kids outdoors. it's not all rides. Some have gardens, train journeys, history adventures, explorer glamping, and play areas.

There are many ways to let kids experience the outdoors without it having to be a health prescription. Gifting your kids bicycles and bikes is also a good way to foster outdoor hobbies. Buy the latest e-bikes from Mini Bikes Off Road and watch teens adopt net-neutral transportation willingly.

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