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Need to know facts before choosing motocross boots

It is a well-established fact that safety gear minimises motorcycle injuries, and Motocross is no exception. It is one arena where you cannot do away with protective gear. Picking up a pair of Motocross boots is no ordinary shoe shopping trip. It requires specific knowledge in boot types and technology. And, it doesn’t help that you are inundated with so many choices in a shop. So, let’s take a closer and careful look at choosing motocross boots with this buying guide.

Different types

Entry-level boots are the most budget-friendly ones. They offer protection for your feet and ankles with a steel toe guard, heat shield, shin protection, grooves and texture for shifting, and articulated rear ankle. Keep in mind that cheaper boots provide less ankle support. The next tier of boots gets a little pricier while stepping up performance and hyper-flexion and hyper-extension protection for the ankle. Podium motocross boots and pro-AM boots are high-end boots providing maximum protection. Higher the price range, the boots have more replaceable parts adding to their lifespan. They have replaceable soles, insoles, buckles, etc.

Trail/Enduro boots are an off-road version of MX boots as trail riders encounter natural obstacles like rocks, boulders, roots, stumps, and shrubs. These have extra toe protection and a waterproof barrier. Trial boots are made for walking as well and are generally light and flexible. These have a moulded rubber sole. Adventure boots or dirt bike boots are not made for racing or aggressive riding. These are slimmer, waterproof, and have a soft rubber sole. Pit bike boots are generally short-cut boots as some bikes are too small to accommodate full-length boots.

Selecting the correct size

There is no one standard sizing chart set for motocross boots. Each manufacturer has its own chart specific to the UK, US, and Europe. When choosing a size, the perfect fit is a must. If unsure about the fit, go for one size bigger than your regular shoe size. You can always adjust a bigger size with buckles. A size too tight can become painful and uncomfortable. When you are measuring the foot, wear socks as you will be wearing them in trail riding.

Proper ankle support

Ankle injuries are common in dirt bike riding. So, ankle support is integral. To test lateral ankle protection of a boot, hold it in your hands and try to bend it at the ankle side to side. Simulate the action that happens when you roll your ankle on the ground. The harder it is to bend, the better the protection. Look for an ankle brace system that controls ankle and leg rotation. Soft polyester foam can effectively absorb shocks to the ankle.

Check buckles

Motocross boot buckles keep the ankle joint securely in place by preventing excessive lateral movement. Therefore, they should be able to tighten the boots well. A quick-release buckle system and easy fit buckle closing system can make things so much easier for a rider. Replaceable buckles prolong the life of the boots.

Comfort and proper fit

Do not be fooled by looks alone. The whole point of wearing dirt bike riding boots is safety and performance. A key element of boot comfort is ankle flexibility. While providing ankle protection, the boots should allow you to use the brake and gear shifter easily. Without proper ankle flexion, it is hard to feel the gear shifter movement. If the toe box is bulky or too tall, it is difficult to slide your foot under the shifter.

Reputed brands

Wulfsport is one of Europe’s top-selling safety gear brands for adults and kids. Alpinestars, Fox Racing, Fly Racing, Sidi Crossfire, and O’Neal also offer exceptional features for safety and optimum performance.

A good pair of Motocross boots with all round performance is worth every penny and the trouble you take to research them. Whichever boots you choose, make sure to purchase from a trusted retailer who only sells original products. Buy UK’s highest quality Motocross boots at Mini Bikes Off Road for safe and comfortable riding.

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