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Make your ATV roadworthy with this quad bike laws UK checklist

What are the UK laws for legal quad bikes?

The quad bike’s multi-purpose ability includes road use. However, not all quads are road-legal. Your ATV must meet road safety standards if you are considering riding it on public roads. Road compatible bikes usually have approval for road use. You can check with the manufacturers to see if your quad qualifies. If your quad bike is not an approved one but still meets safety standards, you can always apply for type approval. Make sure to read this quad bike rules UK checklist before taking your quad out on the roads.

What are the legal requirements to use quad bikes on the road?

Your quad needs to be registered with the DVLA and display a number plate at the front and rear. If the bike is more than 3 years old, you also require a valid MOT. To ride a quad on the road, you need a full car licence or a category B1 licence issued before January 1997. It will also need third-party insurance. You need to be 17 or above to ride a quad bike on the road.

You can only carry passengers on your quad if it fulfills the requirements, with the number of seats and other technicalities. You can always check with the manufacturer’s specifications. Crash helmets are not compulsory for England, Scotland, and Wales.  However, you will thank yourself for wearing one in the unexpected event of an accident.

Safety rules for driving on roads

Quad bikes need proper lights for road use. These are front-white lights, rear red lights, rear red reflectors, and number plate lamps. If your quad travels 25mph, you should also include dipped-beam white headlights, front and rear amber indicators, hazard warning lights, main beam white headlights, rear red fog lights, and red brake lights. To be approved for road use, your quad must have tyres marked E, which you need to pass the MOT.

Quad rules for off-road riding

Off-road use does not require a driving licence, vehicle tax, or registration. However, you can enlist your quad on the off-road register so police can track it down if it gets stolen. To ride quads on private land that you do not own, you need the owner’s permission. You are not permitted to ride ATVs on council land or parks if these do not have a designated area for their use.

Agricultural quad rules

An agricultural quad needs to be licensed and registered as a light agricultural vehicle for road use. It does not need an MOT. The vehicle should have third-party insurance and feature a number plate and regulation lights. It is not allowed on the motorway. Quad bikes used for agriculture, horticulture, and forestry are exempt from vehicle tax. If you are required to pay taxes, it depends on how you use your quad;

The limited use tax class is for bikes used on the road, and

Quads not licensed for road use under agricultural machine class.

Bikes classified as light agricultural vehicles in the UK can have only one seat and must not exceed 1000kg in weight. These are not allowed to carry passengers. A two-seater bike can only travel 1.5km from the farm base. The quad should ahev a speedometer and a horn if it reaches speeds more than 20mph. Children under 13 are legally not allowed to ride a quad used in agriculture. Mini quad for kids are available in different sizes and power for your child’s age and build.

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