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Make fun times safe by correctly selecting kids riding safety gear

Dirt biking has become a way of life for many children in Britain. This high-octane sport isn’t just for thrill-seekers but also for ambitious youngsters wanting to make a name for themselves in the Motocross world. The intensity of this calibre of bike riding means paying more attention to selecting kids riding safety gear. So, we are here for a quick rundown of all the gear details that keep your child safe on those fast wheels.

Helmets and Goggles

Full-face helmets

Wearing a helmet is life-saving. Fully covered faces are a familiar sight in Motosport. The only time riders wear open-face helmets is when trial riding, which requires the rider to move their head frequently while tackling obstacles at very low speeds. However, racing is a different affair. Tearing up dirt, reaching top speeds, and hitting flying jumps needs reinforced protective gear. Full-face helmets protect your head as well as your chin and face in a crash. Look for an ACU gold stamp bike helmet, which complies with UK standards for motorcycle helmets designed to withstand high-impact blows while racing. Helmets for kids should receive sufficient ventilation to keep your child comfortable. Do not choose hyper-ventilated helmets as they reduce protection.

The helmet should be the correct size - if it's too tight, it will cause pain, and if loose, it will shift on impact, causing a head injury.  A tough outer shell preferably made from carbon or fibreglass can withstand impact.


The flying debris, sand, dust, stones, and the occasional insect can be hazardous to a dirt bike rider. Bike goggles not only offer unhindered visibility but also protect your child from unfortunate eye damage. Large lenses increase peripheral vision. However, if the glasses fog up, it hinders vision, therefore always purchase anti-fogging ventilation enabled ones. Tinted ones provide better visibility in the sun, clear lenses are conducive for later afternoon and nighttime riding, and hybrid versions are ideal when it is sunny and cloudy.



A dirt bike jersey has a protective layer designed to withstand snags and tears. It has to be full-sleeved to protect from the sun and abrasions. Racing jerseys are more abrasion-resistant than normal ones. Do not let your child wear oversized or really tight ones. Baggy ones can get caught or pulled when riding, and tighter-than-necessary ones hamper movement. High-quality jerseys with venting systems are breathable, lightweight, and absorb moisture and sweat


The pants you choose should be comfortable for long rides. They should be water-proof, tear-resistant, and vented. The material should be able to wick sweat and be flexible enough to accommodate the rider’s movements comfortably. The leather around the knee provides additional protection from rubbing against the bike. It also gives extra grip. These pants should have an adjustable Velcro or buckle waistband. They should be shorter than regular pants or jeans, so they don’t bunch up inside the boots. There should be enough room around the knees for unrestricted movement.


A pair of gloves is another essential riding gear. These provide a sturdier grip and prevent cuts, bruises, burns, and abrasions. The padding minimises the vibration felt in the hands, improving manoeuver, control, endurance, and revving. They should be stretchy, breathable, and tight-fitting. 


Riding boots for Motocross and trail riding should protect feet, ankles, shins, and calves. They should offer excellent ankle support. The lower leg is the most active part of the body when it comes to bike riding and the most vulnerable. The boots should protect you from impacts, spraining, and twisting.

Other safety gear

A chest protector, elbow, wrist, and knee guards are other safety gear your child needs for complete protection. A chest protector prevents damage to vital upper body organs, ribs, shoulders, and spine.

Selecting the right brands

Not all brands are made alike. Some offer superior protection while others do an average job. Wulfsport, Stealth, Shot, Just1, GSB, and GP Pro have a good track record on safety.

Safety should never be downplayed when it comes to mini Motosport. We hope you will choose your children’s safety gear wisely and carefully. Buy certified high-quality kids safety clothing from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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