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Learning what to look for in bike spares can spare you trouble

Buying a quality bike means prolonged use and optimum performance. However, even the best bike in the world needs repairs and part replacements eventually. However, most riders, when purchasing spare parts, do not pay the same attention to them as they did to their bike. But it’s important to remember that a bike is the sum of many parts, and for the bike to function well, the parts must function well. Understanding what to look for in bike spare parts can save you tonnes of trouble. Here is the best way to choose spare parts for your bike.

Compare prices

The priciest isn’t the most economical; however, that doesn’t mean you should be settling for the cheapest either. Consider your bike’s worth. If you have an expensive bike, splurging on quality spare parts is essential. If you have a cheap bike, there’s no need for its parts to be more expensive than the bike itself. However, if you are committed to improving your bike, mid-range products will increase even the cheapest bike’s performance.

Carefully go through the manual

Different makes of bikes and brands require different bike parts. It is always good to replace parts with what’s specified in the manual. There are sizes and indices you need to refer to, to make the correct choices. A mountain bike requires different spare parts to a road bike.

Verify the genuine parts

Get familiar with the brand you are buying. Go to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) website to check for details of the products. Inspect the packaging for correct addresses and websites. See if there are bad spelling, awkward language use, and design & colour flaws. Good quality parts have a smooth and clean finish. Rough welding or shabby finishes are signs of counterfeit products. Look for bar codes and QR codes. You can read these with your phone to authenticate the products. If it comes with a hefty discount or a price tag too small, take another look at the product.

Genuine bike parts designed by the brand are made to model specifications. These parts are tested and meet safety, performance, and quality standards.

Check the warranty/Return policy

High-end authentic products come with warranties, and accountable stores provide a return policy. Usually, a 14day return policy offers flexibility to customers to refund or exchange.

Considerations when purchasing online

One of the benefits of buying bicycle spare parts online is you can do simultaneous research online while you consider the products. Also, reading descriptions can be more helpful than learning about products from a shop assistant who might not be that concise. Choose retailers who deliver internationally and those who deliver free subject to value conditions. Read their refund policy and terms of sale and warranty. You can gauge a lot by reading their customer reviews. You need to purchase from a secure site to ensure your transactions and details remain safe.

Purchasing from a reputed seller

It is a safe bet to go to a reputed seller to buy spare parts. They usually buy directly from manufacturers and distributors, and they have a better quality service and aftersale service. You can also buy reputed brands at these stores. Make sure they have a valid postal address and phone number to contact them.

Your bike's best performance depends on the parts it functions on. Giving your bike full capability with trusted brands and genuine spare parts will keep your bike going for years. Buy the world's best brands and high-quality spare parts for bikes, dirt bikes, and quad bikes from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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