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Learning safety and performance of kids’ go-kart buggy for pro riding

You would almost expect one to appear on the rugged terrains of Mars because go-kart buggy lookalikes frequently rove the sci-fi movie landscape. But, besides their potential extraterrestrial future, the go-kart has a lot to offer the off-road adventurer on Earth’s varied terrain. The off-road go-kart is powerful, capable, and exhilarating. If your child loves the thrills of motorsport, taking to the great outdoors is much more productive for their health than indoor go-karting. So, let's know more about the safety and performance of kids' go-kart buggy. 

What is a go-kart buggy?

Go-kart buggies are four-wheeled motorised recreational vehicles, either petrol-powered or electric-powered, with rough terrain capability. Petrol-powered models can have 2-stroke engines or 4-stroke engines. A go-kart buggy is designed for off-road use and is radically different from racing go-karts, which are meant for the asphalt and race tracks. Dirt buggies are much more versatile than racing karts. By design, one of these can easily pass off as a dune buggy. The kart buggy is made for off-road racing too.

Off-road go-karts resemble quad bikes in their size and shape. While the quad wheels and tyres are much larger, buggy wheels are smaller, with tyres featuring heavy-duty tread patterns ready to take on sand, mud, rocks, riverbeds, and hills. Go-kart buggies have a wide frame, steering wheel, and low seating. Quads, on the other hand, have a narrower frame and motorcycle-like handlebars. Kids' go-kart buggies can reach speeds of 25km/h while limited or unlimited speeds of 35km/h.

Safety and performance of go-kart buggies

Where can you ride a kart buggy?

No place like your own backyard for some drifting, but not all of us are hiding that kind of space in our backyards. Motorised leisure vehicles such as kart buggies are only allowed on private land. There are plenty of karting venues in the UK. These offer dirt trails, purpose-built tracks, drifting bends, and chicanes for some madcap fun. Most kids’ kart buggies are meant for flat terrain.

Dirt buggies and quad bikes share the same rules when it comes to driving on public roads. Road buggies are EEC approved for road-legal use and have a manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity (COC). Not all off-road buggy models can be road-legal. You need a full UK car licence to drive one on the roads. The buggy will also need insurance, MOT, and DVLA registration.

Is experience needed when riding a go-kart buggy?

They are ready to hop on and go. Kids aged 3 can drive a toy go-kart without learning much in advance. However, we are talking about more power - 98cc or 1000W depending on whether you favour petrol or electric. Like in all cases of recreational vehicle fun, proper training is important before your child tries out its top speed. Provide adult supervision until they are confident, competent drivers.

Is there an age-restriction for kart buggies?

While there is no legal age restriction, off-road adult go-karts are usually suitable for kids 8+ years old. The lowered centre of gravity of the go-kart and steering wheel help make it a more comfortable ride. Look for more legroom and adjustable seat distance to ensure kids do not outgrow the buggy anytime soon.

Cost of purchasing a go-kart buggy

A high-quality model with all the safety features (do not skimp on safety and quality) and the engine power to provide some serious fun can cost anywhere from £800- £900. Make sure your buggy comes fully assembled.

The buggy takes the karting experience outside into the great outdoors, away from crowded indoor bumping and less scenic asphalt racing. The go-kart buggy is a wonderful invention to spend hours in the open fresh air while enjoying the thrills of rough terrains across the countryside or mud tracks of a karting venue. Buy your kids premium-built electric and petrol kart buggies designed for rugged use with optimum safety features at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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