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How to stay clear of dirt bike beginners’ mistakes that foil the fun

Dirt biking is a trial and error affair at the beginning. No one gets it flawless from the start. It takes years to become a pro. However, there’s no need to add insult to injury, and we can keep the trials shorter and errors minimum. There are some common dirt bike beginners’ mistakes to avoid from the start. From choosing a bike to riding one, well-informed decisions save you a tonne of trouble.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a dirt bike

Do not get impressed by power – the higher the power, the faster it goes. But, you need to remember that the thrills come with practice, and a big bike with a big engine or motor isn’t going to help you learn safely. You will be spending most of the riding time unable to control its power and falling off it. So, start small and go for a beginner’s bike. 50cc is a modest engine to start with, and 36V offers a reasonable motor for electric dirt bikes.

Motocross vs. Off-road – let’s be practical; you are not competing in motocross events in your rookie era. While you can ride either motocross or trail bike on any terrain, they have different designs. Trail bikes have bigger tyres, smaller wheels, softer suspension, and additional fuel capacity and reserve. All these attributes contribute to a smoother, comfortable, and longer riding experience. These bikes are taller, so there is adequate clearance when riding over rocks, roots, shrubs, and mounds. Motocross bikes are lighter and have a snappier power band.

Mistakes to avoid when riding a dirt bike

Throttle and clutch – many riders think they have this covered, but to get it right, you need to practice. Play around with the throttle and clutch at different speeds individually and then both together. If you get the timing wrong in twisting the throttle and releasing the clutch, you end up with a stalled bike or an overly fast start.

Body position – to get the balancing act right, you can’t always be comfortable. Standing rather than sitting helps you stay balanced. Letting the bike take some control is key to good dirt biking. You do not have to lean in different directions on sharp turns. Keeping the body and bike parallel to the ground on turns is the professional way to do it. Try to take it easy, without too many body adjustments on obstacles.

Object fixation – avoid it altogether. Beginners make the mistake of looking down at objects rather than ahead. Looking down prevents correctly adjusting the throttle, brake controls, balance, and positioning. Look ahead to anticipate what's coming to decide your next move.

Fear Factor – riding a dirt bike can induce fear of crashing. The more afraid you are, the more crashing and falling will happen. So, throw fear to the wind and take caution with you.

What to look for when purchasing a dirt bike?

2-stroke vs. 4-stroke – 4-stroke engines deliver steadier and more manageable power. They are a better bike for a beginner and user-friendly for trail riding and racing. 2-strokes hit the ground hard and fast, while 4-strokes are less intense, offering the rider flexibility of control.

Safety features – speed restrictors and remote engine cut-offs keep beginners safe. You don’t want to attempt the fastest speed on your first try, and if you do, someone else can always cut off the engine before you take a nasty fall.

Electric vs. petrol – petrol dirt bikes are noisy and electric ones are quiet. If you want to ride without causing neighbour complaints or frightening farm animals, electric bikes are the way to go. If you are using the tracks and trails and love to make a roar, go for the petrol-powered.

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Avoid the beginners’ mistakes, and you are off to a good Motosport start. Buy electric and petrol dirt bikes and pit bikes from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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