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How to make biking fun for kids to tempt them to the outdoors

Did you know that three-quarters of children in the UK spend less time outside than prison inmates, and a fifth of the children do not play outside at all on an average day? A National Trust survey also found children today spend half the time their parents did playing outside. Children need outdoor hobbies and activities more than ever to limit the damage caused by screen time and social media. Making biking fun for kids is one way to tempt them to play outside. After all, who doesn’t like the two-wheeled fun?

Explore new paths and trails

We all love exploring new locations, so do children. Take them away from the everyday neighbourhoods to explore new bike paths and trails. Find natural trails with woodlands, streams, duck ponds, bridges, and parks for mountain biking. There can be an ice cream shop at the end of the trail for a bonus treat. Set up an obstacle course with chalk marks, cones, trees, winding paths, and even upturned buckets. Starting your kids on a balance bike helps them learn to ride pedal kids’ bikes without the need for training wheels.

Play fun games and activities

  • If your kids love playing video games, use Pokemon Go! by bike to get their Xbox minds interested. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is also fun if they are Potter Heads.
  • Let them use GoPro or film them riding, so they can watch themselves having fun.
  • Give them some Pool Noodle to play bicycle limbo. It will help them learn to lower their heads when they encounter low branches on the trails. You can also challenge them to try and nudge the Noodle with their helmets, which is good training for learning to ride while standing.
  • A DIY bike ramp in the garden for some slick freewheeling down a little slope is exciting for younger kids. They will learn how to control the bike on slopes and going downhill.
  • Let them pop water balloons with the bike. Make it a competition and see how many water balloons one can pop with their front tyre in 5 minutes.
  • Use inflatables and toys as bowling pins and let them play bike bowling. They can ride into the pins on the bike and see how many pins they can knock over. They will have to spread their legs to do so, and it teaches them to balance without pedalling.
  • If there’s a basketball court n the area they can use, organise a game where they try to shoot while cycling. They can play other ball games too using bicycles.
  • Let them ride through puddles to see who can make the biggest splashes. You can also build a DIY bicycle wash to cool off and have some wet biking fun on a hot day.

Decide on Destination

To encourage young kids to make a habit of cycling, pick out destinations that reward them. Cycling to the bakery, the park, a fountain, a stream they can throw rocks, the farmer’s market, or a landmark with food treats at the end motivates them.

Take Breaks

It doesn’t have to be all biking when they go for bike rides. Make stops to walk for a bit, pushing bicycles, collect pebbles and rocks, play in the woods, make a trip to the beach for some sand play, or visit grandparents for lemonade.

Pack snacks and drinks

Make sure they stay hydrated. Pack snacks and drinks when they go riding. You never know when young ones get hungry or thirsty. Turn it into a little picnic along the trails or in the park.

Bring friends

Riding with mom and dad ensures their safety, but when they have bike riders of their age, it gets more interesting. Talk to other parents and arrange bike rides with a group of children.

Positive impacts of children spending time outdoors have been stressed by experts. Bikes can introduce children to a world of possibility in the outdoors. Buy your child UK’s most reliable e-bikes from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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