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How making biking your new hobby will help you live less chaotically

Yes, it's too late for New Year resolutions, but that’s a good thing because we never stick by them. So, let’s make mid-year resolutions we might want to keep. It is an apt time to make biking your new hobby. The post-pandemic world is anxious about public transport and has started to rely on individual modes of transport, especially cycling. And although driven by the pandemic, the reasons that make cycling always a better option predates lockdown times and need some refreshing. So, here we go.

Exciting and thrilling

Sailing down the road with the wind in your hair or mountain biking across the picturesque wooded countryside can bring joy and excitement. Unlike hobbies that require multiple equipment or extensive training, biking doesn’t require much. A bike and a nudge to your childhood memory of learning to ride one are all that it takes. Riding a bike is almost second nature to most of us. Once you know how to, it is a skill that you rarely lose. And with the choice of sleek designs and off-road proficient machines, your regular bike shop can spoil you for choice. The type of bike you need depends on the type of riding you intend to do. With the aid of e-bikes, you can now travel longer distances in a shorter time.

Boosts fitness and health

The health benefits of cycling have been proven with clinical studies again and again. According to research carried out by the University of Glasgow, people who cycled to work had a 46% lower risk of developing and a 52% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, and a 45% lower risk of developing and a 40% lower risk of dying from cancer. Cycling can also help prevent diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Cyclists have better lung function too. Strengthened heart muscles, improved joint mobility, low resting pulse, and reduced blood fat levels are other physical benefits you gain from cycling.

Reduce stress

The enjoyment one gets from cycling can reduce stress levels and manage depression & anxiety. It leads to reduced cortisol levels in the body and improves serotonin levels. And, if you want to bust some tension in a healthy way, pick up your bike for a long serene ride. You will feel so much better afterwards. The exercise element coupled with time outdoors can boost your mental health greatly.

Easy to incorporate to your day-to-day life

Cycling is a practical hobby applicable to your normal life. You can cycle to work, run errands on the bike, and help your kids benefit from cycling by giving them their own bikes to get to school. And, with e-bikes, you can make the miles shorter. The car-related hassle of pulling out of the driveway, finding parking spots, refilling at the petrol station, and waiting in traffic can be a thing of the past with a bike.

Enhance your reflexes

You miss it at first glance, but cycling involves a lot of reflexes working together. Cycling demonstrates improved cognitive function, which helps reflexes work right. When we cycle, we need to manage several reflexes, including avoiding obstacles, maintaining balance, stopping abruptly to avoid accidents, and turning to navigate around things & people. All of these improve human reflexes.

Helps you connect with nature

Whether you ride a mountain bike on a quiet country road or make a detour with your road bike along the city’s canal, the bike connects you with nature like no other vehicle. You are getting much-needed fresh air, and there’s flexibility to stop under a tree or on a bridge for some tranquil time.

Things to note when considering biking as a hobby

Don’t skimp on the bike or gear. A quality-made bike with a sturdy frame, wheels, and handlebar will last you a long time. If you are considering an e-bike, make sure it is from a trusted manufacturer and retailer.

Maintain your bike regularly to keep the shine alive and the performance at its peak. You wouldn’t enjoy a sluggish or problematic bike.

Ensure that you know the local rules. Identify routes that are off limit to cyclists and find out if your bike fulfills the road-legal status.

Cycling is a wonderful hobby that can make you fit and healthy, while at the same time happy and content. If you have a bike sitting in the shed forgotten, make this year the time to regain your passion for riding. And, if you want to own a brand new e-bike with hi-tech specs, go to Mini Bikes Off Road now.


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