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Fun-wrapped: Kids and parents who love bikes gift guide

Gifts make people happy, but thoughtful gifts make them happier. For the best seasonal gifts, consider what your family and friends are most passionate about. Sometimes it’s not the prettiest thing you see in a shop window that makes the most beautiful gift, but something that never popped into your vision, like a 125cc quad bike 4-stroke with electric start. To be honest, it is as beautiful as anything you see in a shop window. This seasonal kids and parents who love bikes gift guide will certainly spark joy in anyone who loves bikes.

Bikes and bike accessories

A bike for Christmas! You might have heard this request from kids who love cycling, or you might have never even thought about it until now. A bike keeps kids and adults active, whether you ride to work, pop into the shops on one, or go for long spins into the country. And, you are saving the planet from pollution. It is a fun way for kids to get some exercise and fresh air at the same time. A balance bike for a child can be the start of a new hobby, or the latest e-bike can fuel your teenager’s passion for sustainable travel.

Then there are the extreme riders. They love jumps, spins, and stunts. Don’t worry! Kid-friendly dirt bikes are safe, and they make the best gifts for kids who have Motocross in their sights. And if you have the space, a quad bike might be the gift that makes your child’s all-terrain dreams a reality. Quad bikes are heavy-duty companions for farmers and forestry workers. And, they could use some of that gift creativity with a new noiseless electric quad or expanded storage attachments.

Novelty bike locks and bells, a phone mount, night-glow invisible paint, a bicycle generator that charges USB devices, wireless turn signals, a smart bicycle lighting system, picnic baskets, a wall-mount bike rack, a roll-up pannier, hanging clips, a skirt guard, a mounted pocket watch, and a pet bicycle trailer are also some creative bicycle gift ideas that don’t break the bank.

Biking Gear

The thing about safety gear is there’s always a better version. The best gear comes with bigger price tags. Therefore, they are not items you think of buying for yourself or consider buying for kids when they first start riding. However, they make great Christmas gifts for a bike enthusiast. After all, safety is one of the best gifts you can give someone.

Mips helmets, tri-composite, and carbon fibre helmets are premium quality gear. Do a bit of research on the best brands of gloves, jerseys, pants, and boots. Don’t forget sunglasses; a good pair can be just as much a valuable gift for cyclists.

Outdoor and camping gear

The outdoorsy ones pair their love of biking with off-road adventures. And, you can give gifts that make these trips safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. High-quality sleeping bags, a bicycle repair kit & pump, a solid pocket knife, water bottles & bottle cages, a camp stove, a folding chair, LED lanterns, solar fire starters, a hydration pack, a cooler, hiking shoes, and even head nets are practical gifts for the campers.

Camera and mobile accessories

Gadgets make some of the best gifts for kids, but we are talking bike gadgets. Children love recording their free riding and downhill sailing. GoPros are all the rage when it comes to 4K self videos. A water-resistant fitness tracker and a wireless GPS computer are also gifts the active cyclists will love.

Backpacks and storage bags

If you are not a cyclist or a biker, you may not know how invaluable these can be. They are the perfect gift for kids, adults who bike to work, and those who regularly go off-roading.

Gift Cards

If you are not very bike-savvy and have little idea about what would be the most useful gift for your bike-lover, give them a gift card, so they will find the perfect gift themselves.

We hope this bike-related gift guide helps you find gifts for your favourite bikers - something they always wanted or never even realised they needed. Buy the best kids’ bikes, adult bikes, and bike gear at Mini Bikes Off Road.

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