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Dirt bike safety tips for children to abide by at all times

A dirt bike isn’t a toy. It can propel itself several feet off the ground to fly through the air. But it is still safe for kids, as long as they know how to control the bike and are wearing safety gear. However, we want to bring you all dirt bike safety tips for children. When you buy your child their first dirt bike, make sure you know how to prepare them for the off-road thrill-seeking life.

Safety gear and clothing

The No.1 on the safety rules list is wearing a helmet. It is the most vital piece of safety gear. A full-face helmet protects your head, eyes, face, and chin. Goggles provide reinforced eye protection, and tinted ones help your child see better in the sun. Dirt bike boots should absorb impact with jointed armour, compression zones, and encase ankle joints, but also provide flexibility. Dirt bike gloves should be able to protect your child’s hands from abrasions, burns, and blisters with a padded layer and offer a strong grip. A chest plate is another crucial protective gear that keeps vital organs safe. Make sure the pants and jersey you choose have wicking properties and are not too loose.

Training and Practice

You might think tarmac is the safest to start riding a dirt bike, but it’s not. Dirt bikes need dirt trails. So choose a flat dirt road or trail to get your kids started. There’s no need for training wheels unless your kids are 3 or 4 years old. They will get used to the feeling of safety with the training wheels, and it will cause extra anxiety when they have to ride without them.

Don’t pack everything into one lesson. Make each lesson about one or two fundamentals. On the first day, teach them to ride in a straight line on one gear, along with how to use the brakes and throttle. They can learn to turn the bike around and riding in one gear the second day. Make them go a little faster and use the second gear on the third lesson. When they have mastered these basics, teach them the correct riding positions.

Elbows up and out, straight back, sitting forward and squeezing the bike with their knees, turning with their knees instead of their arms are good stances. Sitting nearer to the front helps put more traction on the front wheel, which is beneficial for turning. Riding while standing helps maintain good balance. Do not allow your child to ride high speed until they get very comfortable riding.

Rules, regulations, and precautions

Dirt bikes are made for the great outdoors, not for public road riding. A petrol dirt bike is loud, and the neighbours might object. Choose non-residential areas and private land for riding dirt bikes. Make sure to ask permission from landowners. There are many dirt bike parks and trails in the UK to ride safely regularly.

Map out a route

Find all local dirt bike-friendly areas and tracks to identify places your kids can ride. Let them ride off-road trails and keep them off urban locations. Map out a route for them when they go riding without supervision.

Safety Checks

Carry out dirt bike safety inspections before you let your kids ride. Check tyre pressure, oil level, and for any loose cables, nuts, and bolts. Make sure the bike chain has been cleaned of any mud and dirt.

Avoiding distractions

When kids ride a bike, their concentration should be on the activity. Ensure that they are not wearing air pods, earphones, or using mobile phones while riding.

Choosing the right bike

Children should start riding a bike not too powerful for their ability. Make sure the bike isn’t too big for them either. A 50cc dirt bike is the least intimidating one for a beginner. Even if it’s too small for your child’s age and build, its power, weight, and size are perfect for training.

Introducing your child to the world of mini moto can induce anxiety. But, be assured, with the right training, proper safety gear, and precautions, your child will only enjoy this pulse-racing sport. Buy reliable petrol and electric dirt bikes and ATVs from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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