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Dirt bike clothing and kit guide

Dirt biking is a thrilling activity demanding dexterity and speed. However, it is essential that you stay safe while enjoying yourself and the best chance you have of doing this is to have the correct biking clothes and gear.

  1. Importance of proper clothing for dirt bikes

Proper dirt bike clothing and kits not only offer protection they also ensure you do not waste energy. The correct dirt biking gear will help you withstand long sessions because they are lightweight and highly ventilated. Depending on the type of dirt biking you are hoping to participate in, there will be slight variations to what you need to purchase but this guide will help you understand the basics you will need. Having the proper motocross kits will make all the difference to your dirt biking experience and should be taken seriously.

Always buy gear that fits you perfectly or else they will not do their intended job properly and probably end up being very uncomfortable to wear.

  1. Helmets

Protecting your head is of paramount importance when dirt biking, so you should purchase a good one that fits you properly. The helmets of today are nothing like those of old and are light and aerodynamic while offering protection. Get a helmet with MIPS technology. Once you have a good helmet, look into getting a neck brace till you get used to the rides at least.

  1. Knee and elbow pads

Whatever the terrain you ride on knee and elbow pads are important. While the more experienced might opt only for knee pads, newer riders will benefit from wearing elbow pads.  A good set of knee and elbow pads can help protect from very serious injury which will help you recover quicker if you do take a tumble.

  1. Goggles

Dirt biking is near impossible without googles to protect your eyes from flying debris, dust and mud. It also helps cut out the glare that impedes your peripheral vision. Googles are now considered not only as essential but as a stylish fashion accessory. Get a good quality pair that will not crack at the slightest contact and one with an adjustable strap that will fit around your head with comfort.

  1. Riding Gloves

Gloves will keep your hands safe from burns, abrasions and prevent cuts while giving you a better grip on the bars. They can also keep your hands warm during the colder months. Get a quality gloves that are flexible so you can move your hands easily.

  1. Jackets

A riding jacket provides additional protection to areas such as the shoulders, back, chest and elbows. Choose a strong and flexible jacket made from specialised material will protect from your skin from abrasions in case of a fall. Most jackets do come with elbow, shoulder and back protectors.

  1. Jersey and trouser set

To provide your upper body with protection you need to get a strong long sleeved jersey, with a comfortable fit. Your jersey shouldn’t be too tight because it can restrict your range of motion, which can lead to a bad performance. Also invest in a matching pair of trousers which again should have a comfortable fit for easy movement. Pick something that is heat resistant so that you have some protection from the hot dirt bike engine.

  1. Riding Boots

Dirt biking riding boots are the most important piece of protective gear you need to get after the helmet. They provide ankle support and provide thermoplastic TPU material covering for your shin bone. Look for a durable pair so that you will last. Good boots are held together with at least double stitched seams. Before purchase make sure they are comfortable or you will not end up wearing your boots, which would be a waste.

  1. Conclusion

This guide should help you not only understand the importance of investing in the proper dirt bike clothing but also give you an idea on what to get. If dirt biking is a hobby you are passionate about then getting the proper clothing will heighten the experience for you even more.

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