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Completely logical reasons to own an electric scooter now

Getting from A to B will change in the future, with electricity powering micro-level transportation. E-scooters provide a more efficient First and Last mile solution that has gained traction due to climate change-related progress. And, proactive government policies in the world will see us mass-adopting micro EVs. There are plenty of valid reasons to own an electric scooter, from little things like the fun you will have riding one to bigger purposes like joining global efforts to cut down CO2 emissions.


With no fuel required, you are saving money on petrol. And, it is much cheaper than getting an Uber or a cab to get around the city. An Uber can cost you £1.25 a mile in London, and sometimes it’s not easy to get a minicab no matter how much you are willing to pay. You can buy an average e-scooter for £300 and easily reach 20km/h on it. With minimum moving parts, these need little to no maintenance.


With zero tailpipe emissions, silent operation, and considerably less electricity consumption than other EVs, you are slimming down your carbon footprint to admirable levels. You could argue that e-scooter batteries are still powered by a grid that relies on fossil fuel. However, e-scooters are more than 1,000% more efficient per mile than the average combustion vehicle. Therefore, emission per mile from electricity generation is negligible. There is no arguing that they are more eco-friendly than other micromobility options.

No noise pollution

Even if you use an electric car or public transportation services to combat carbon emission, they still create noise pollution. E-scooters are virtually silent and are ideal for cities where any reduction in vehicle noise contributes to a better city environment. It is perhaps the most compact mode of transportation with no noise pollution.

Easy to maintain

Their size and build also mean they need very little maintenance. Flat tyres are probably the only thing that will require your attention if you look after your bike as you should. You can do this yourself or get a professional at minimum expense.

Lightweight and practical

How frustrated have you become looking for a parking spot on a mundane task or a drive to the shops for something trivial? We guess it’s quite a bit if you live in the city. E-scooters don’t need that kind of parking space. They don’t even need the space a bicycle needs. You can prop one up a wall, a tree, a fence, or a bike stand and just get on with your business. Of course, you can use a lock to secure your scooter, but it is the most versatile when parking. You can even carry a foldable one into a building where it is permissible, like an office or home. Once folded, you can safely take it on the train or bus, giving you access to your own scooter for the length of the journey. When you are on a scooter, you can circumnavigate the traffic, making your journey much faster and efficient. You don’t need a licence to ride a scooter, which means children can borrow an adult’s scooter as long as they have practice riding it.


Unlike a bike, you don’t need to learn to ride a scooter. Just hop on it and go. Electric scooters don’t need you to use your foot as much as a regular scooter, so it is even easier. All e-scooters have hand-operated acceleration control with a rear brake. There’s a headlight for nighttime riding.


Falling off a scooter isn’t the same as falling off a bike. As you are standing, you are in a better position to control your fall without hurting yourself. There are only a few manoeuvres, and the brakes work just like on a bicycle or moped.

An e-scooter solves a multitude of micromobility problems. You will ditch your other vehicles for this one many times. If you want more than the average e-scooter, Mini Bikes Off Road is the best place to go to discover the world of difference in tiny transportation.

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