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Bespoke treatment with the best ATV upgrades that renews your quad

A little revamp goes a long way when it comes to ATV improvements. Whether you want amped-up thrills or ramped-up farmwork, your quad can deliver better performance with an extra bit of help. We are taking you through the best ATV upgrades that make quad biking a faster and smoother experience. So, brace your quad for optimum horsepower and prolonged use with these add-ons.


Tyres take the brunt of all the driving. They should provide maximum traction, and extreme terrains need a little bit more than what stock tyres offer. Off-road riding usually requires mudding tyres. These have grippy tread patterns, taller lugs, and efficient absorption capabilities. Larger tyres help you cover more ground faster and have a lesser chance of getting stuck in uneven ground. They can travel in deeper mud with better flotation, creating less resistance.

Replacing steel stock wheels for lighter aluminium wheels makes your quad go faster. Smaller tyres provide faster acceleration, and larger tyres offer better speeds with good ground clearance. Racing tyres are lightweight and have a smaller, staggered knobbly pattern for optimum traction and less dirt retention. These tyres are not durable and need frequent replacing.


The exhaust system of an ATV has an impact on the purpose. The louder rumbling is common in sport riding and racing, while forestry and farmwork require quieter sounds to avoid alarming animals. Upgrading it is also a way to boost the performance of the quad bike. When the exhaust expels more air faster, the engine can take in more air. Accompanying it with a high-flow air intake system will improve your engine performance and fuel consumption. If you can’t afford a high-end motocross-level exhaust, you can always use a slip-on. It will not increase horsepower as much as a performance exhaust will, but it is a step up. A silencer can reduce noise up to 50%, and choosing an electric quad allows you to ride without the throaty sound.


Some bikes come with cargo racks installed for carrying trail tools, farm equipment, and paraphernalia. A utility ATV is specially designed for agricultural work and carrying goods. They have more towing and rack capacity. You can increase storage on your ATV with hard-sided boxes or soft-sided bags. Hard-shell boxes are more waterproof and have locks. Cargo bags can carry more gear, are easy to store, and are less expensive. You can buy these at

Air Intake Box and Air Filter

The air filter is very much the lungs of the quad bike. A clogged one will only choke the engine, limiting the amount of air it can take in. Increase the breathing capacity of the engine by upgrading the air filter and the airbox. It will jack up the power and performance of the bike. It is more efficient to simultaneously install a new exhaust because more airflow in and out of the engine boosts power. An update to the air intake system needs an update to the jets or fuel controller as well, as the existing carburettor or fuel injection set-up cannot handle the high volume of air now flowing into the engine.


Bumpers on your ATV protect you and the bike from other ATVs and off-road obstacles. Unlike a regular vehicle's bumpers, these take harder hits and get rougher treatment. Spending a bit more on extra sturdy and durable bumpers will keep you and vital ATV parts safe. Aluminium or poly skid plates also help protect the underside of the bike from roots, rocks, and debris.


It is one of the most useful ATV accessories when riding in bad weather, adverse conditions, and extreme terrains. A heavy-duty winch compatible with the size of your ATV can haul, tow, and pull the vehicle off stuck situations, even 15 inches of mud.

To get the best out of your ATV’s performance, incorporate these additions and watch your quad revivify into a power machine. Whether you want a better workhorse or a powerful trail riding, quad upgrades can double the functionality and fun. Buy UK’s latest petrol and electric ATVs and spare parts from Mini Bikes Off Road.

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