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Basic to advance skills required in mastering your quad bikes for higher speeds, safety and for a fun ride

Quad bike riding doesn’t require much of a learning process. Some just hop on and go. Unlike a bike or a car, there’s no balancing act or complex maneuvering. However, there are skills for mastering quad bikes. Once you develop these, you are on your way to a more confident, smooth, and safe ride. Whether you are using your quad for farm work or merely taking it for a spin on a farm, you need these skills to be a better rider.

What is a quad bike?

A quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle that travels on low-pressure or non-pneumatic tyres on all-terrain. It has straddle-style seating and is operated via handlebars. Quads are used for recreational riding as well as agriculture and forestry work. Heavy-duty quads have massive hauling power to transport logs and other heavy material. All-terrain vehicles can also travel on snow and ice, making the quad bike an all-year vehicle.

Tips for mastering quad bike

Sufficient Practice

Practice makes perfect, and it is no overstatement when it comes to riding a quad bike. When it comes to practice rides, start with a basic quad. A high-performing vehicle sounds thrilling, but too much power inhibits your ability to master the basic skills. Losing control of your ATV early on can put you off as well as hinder your performance as a rider. So, practice on a beginner quad, and once you are a champion rider on that, take on a more powerful engine.

You should know the user manual inside out. Get familiar with the throttle. Learn to go slow as well as fast. You should be changing gears like a pro, fast and swiftly. Usually, your left foot controls the shifting lever whilst the left hand operates the clutch, and your right thumb manages the throttle. You need finesse to manage both the release of the clutch and the use of the throttle. Else, you will be stalling the bike all the time. Practice on smooth and rough terrain, both.

Maintaining proper posture

The right posture is part of the manoeuvre. Always keep your eyes forward, and head straight, looking ahead and anticipating obstacles. Your feet should be on the footrests with toes spread ahead. Relax your shoulders. Keep your arms slightly bent, so if you suddenly brake, there's no danger of your elbows locking.

Correct riding position when on the bike

Although an ATV has handlebars similar to a dirt bike, steering is different. You will be using your body to help distribute weight evenly. When there's a curve, you lean to the opposite side of momentum. If you are turning right, you will feel pushed to the left, but you want to lean to the right.

Off-road terrain has unexpected bumps and dips. Keep your knees bent to absorb shocks on the trail and avoid locking your elbows.

On a flat trail, sit and enjoy the sights. However, when picking up speed on a more dramatic trail, you’ll need to stand up. Position yourself just above the seat, with elbows out and knees bent, not forgetting to enjoy the ride. Hovering gives you better visibility of obstacles and will help you learn to ride over rough terrain without losing control.

Safety Gear

No high-octane fun is really fun without the security of safety gear. Wear a high-quality helmet. Depending on the trail, you can choose whether it is a full-face, open-face, or motocross helmet. Padded gloves in colder months and fingerless gloves in summer months provide comfort and grip. Your boots should be ankle-high to ensure they do not slip off when riding.

Avoiding distractions

It’s like operating heavy machinery; because you are. Stay focused on the trail, and observe everything on it and around it. Do not use phones or listen to music.

Proper maintenance of the bike

Mastering skills can fall short when your bike lets you down. Check tyre pressure and fuel level. Always use high-octane fuel to keep the machine running smoothly for longer and for better throttle action. If your quad is electric, make sure it is fully charged before attempting livelier trails. Check the brakes; these should work perfectly. If you are riding well into dark hours, make sure the lights are working. Always keep the bike clean. Quads get very dirty very quickly. Dried mud, debris, and grime can interfere with brakes and gears.

Your quad biking experience gets better with time. Good techniques and practice make a confident and skilled rider admired by others. Buy petrol and electric quad bikes at Mini Bikes Off Road to experience safe and exciting quad vehicles.

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